yes i'm back! oh i miss home already :(
pretty much de-stressed myself at the comfort of my own home.
i guess some things just won't change no matter how long it takes.
do i have to work already? wu wu wu...
next hol should be somewhere in sept or oct. *fingers crossed*
i can't be arsed to blog about my trip in kch so i'll leave u with some photos. = )


Blogger tulipspeaks said...

Hie there.

First of all my apologies to go off-topic.

There is a blogger workshop (Bloggers Buff 2007) being planned for Malaysian bloggers on the 8th of July. Its an ambitious event which will be conducted for the first time in Malaysia.

We would like to invite you for the event. please kindly refer to the promo blog and if you are interested, do pre-register for the workshop as the places are limited!

Hope to see you at the workshop.

Happy blogging!


11:51 AM  
Blogger Lau UngIng said...

Dear Friend, only today i read your blog. I don't know you are back in Kg. Should we know that you are in Kg, die die also ask you to come join our dinner. Or, you purposely quiet quiet come and quiet quiet go?

4:04 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

unging: hey man, first of all, congratulation on your wedding! send my regards to pei chee :)
i was back for few days short break to unstressed myself. i only found out from sze hui the other day.
gimme a buzz if u r in kl. i can bring u makan-makan hehe = )

2:03 AM  

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