lovely weekend

my blog has been photo deprived of late so i thought i might as well put some to fill in the gaps.
last weekend, sam was in town so vin suggested we all meet up since i haven't seen both vin and sam since quite a while. so i took them to try out the bak kut teh at sungei buloh. *shrugs* we forgotten to take photos of the bak kut teh. hehe then off to one utama...what else but to shop. had dinner at sushi king and off to bangsar for durian.

vin + andrea

another shot...

me + sam

group photo!

durian tasting time at bangsar, right in front of tmc supermarket.

photos taken using vin's dslr nikon d40x

there u go...photo galore *cough*


Blogger sLeNz @ Shirley said...

aih... i miss samuel ... wonder wad's he doin now ....

12:09 PM  

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