have u ever sat yum char-ing at your fave mamak stall and suddenly u heard a loud bang! not exactly a bang but more like 3 loud tumbling noise. a myvi somehow got itself tumbled and was seen upside down crashing to the nearest tree last night at SS2. i kidd u not. fortunately, the driver and the passenger escaped the incident with minimal casualty. not sure how it happened but it was fast and sudden. i overheard ppl talking about the incident. maybe the driver hits the brakes too sudden or was speeding? whatever it is, no one was hurt.
have u ever go to mamak and to find out the friend's parents wanted to join u? well, i can say i had my first hand experience last night. it was quite nerve breaking. it was kinda awkward too. lolz the thing is, i'm guessing the parents just want to know whom their kids hang out with. double swt... :P i guess if i become a parent next time, i won't go to that extent but i won't mind to know if my kids r hanging out with the right crowds.
oh ya, harry potter and the order of the phoenix is premiering tonight. woot


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