what a mat "7" day...tho the date is very nice. so nice i think i will remember i worked on this SPECIAL day! lolz can u feel the sarcasm flowing? lolz i worked one full day and extra few hours but guess what? no claims or anything. really shitty right? :( well, thats what it is in this line of work.
i hate it the fact its a beautiful saturday and i already had plans. oh f*ck it.
the fact i love lazying on saturday and its my fave day of the week. i planned on washing my car. hang out at friend's condo. take a swim. dinner and jalan-jalan afterwards. eventually i got out of the office n rush to my friend's place to have dinner. when i arrived, they had all taken their dinner and laying around watching astro. man, i really hate the fact why do i have to slave my day off doing work. i actually don't mind working late on friday nites but come on, weekend? !@#* ok.,there! i just had to vent it out here! T-T diu!
edited: did i mention there was no air con? its like a sauna in there! fuhs even fan do no justice...the more i think about it, the more upset i get. lolz ok...chill man chill...lolz *fans myself*


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