ing hui was in town some time ago. see, she cropped off my head on purpose! lolz hahhaa ok ok, unintentionally. i think i had a nice weekend. last weekend was spent on watching naruto and eating roasted duck for supper at my friend's place on sat nite. hang out the whole day on sunday cos my kch friends are in town. we had bak kut teh for lunch, sushi king for dinner and durians for supper! shiok right? hahahah i also got myself an army cargo pants which i wanted to for some time now. with the sales everywhere, it is almost impossible not to be lured into it. i don't shop much, only for CNY! i'm not kidding. so i guess its alright. besides, i need to get some t-shirts cos i'm tired of wearing and seeing the same ones which i have been wearing for so many years :P lolz hopefully i still can get my hands on some before the sales end. (and a pair of basketball shoes i've been eyeing on lolz)
anyways, i gtg. still got work to finish off :P lolz later bebs! :D


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