don't take it personal

just my personal opinion, harry "disappointed" potter. the only parts i like bout the whole movie is the opening scene where the sky turn grainy ocean pitch dark and the wizards fighting scene at the end. although someone only remember the kissing scene lolz.
what do i know? i don't even read harry potter books. reminder: i shall never watch midnight movie ever again! i got home at 4am. oh goodie! hows that for lack of sleep. i'm like digging my own grave. lolz
still trying my luck on transformers ticket but to no avail, it has been fully booked since the premiere day. only left with front seats. oh dear. maybe better luck next time? (but when will be the next time?!! grrr....) ok, fine i know i've watch transformers but i just need to watch another time. otherwise, i hope lil sis back home would buy the dvd so i can enjoy it on the big ass plasma which is equally sweet! :P ok...nuff bragging. im so hungry. been hungry since 3pm. what about my lunch? oh, in case u didn't know, i get hungry pretty fast. bah!


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