away from here, away from here.
take me now, hold me dear.
let me touch the paradise that u have found.
come closer now, don't be afraid.
all i want is something i don't have that is so pure.
- a chorus from li pei's paradise.

for a while i always wanting a gf. someone to call my own. but i guess i was in a rush. to the point i suffocate myself. i don't need a gf. really. i might be lonely at times but i have come to term that i can't just rush into r/s. i know what i want and i just can't have it yet. like they say, good things will come to ppl who wait.
arggh...i just burned a hole in my wallet today. yep! my car just had to keep giving me probs. problematic car. i think she's like me. always wanting attention. lolz well, after the engine oil changed, it runs smoother now and so much for the extra few hundreds i had to spend on her on a leaking part. yep, its a her. been driving her since i got my driving license. its been a decade of r/s. the longest one i had. even longer than all my premature dates/ex-es. i had never spent so much money on any girls before. seriously. i spent more time with this car than any of my ex-es. that is why i don't feel like selling her off. i know one day i might have to let go, get a new car but she's been thru so much ups and downs with me. memories. its pretty much like being with a real person. "its a mystical bond between human and machine." u won't know till u had a car u drove for more than a decade. if only my car can transform and talk when i'm bored. *i must be really bored to even think of this. anyhoo, have a nice weekend ppl!


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