wow...2 weeks has gone by like the wind. i'm heading up north to Nelson for work in the apple pack house tomorrow. sounds like fun no? i will work my ass off till winter and it's snowboarding time baby! hahaha can't hardly wait. i just got an email from home and the credit card statement is a bit shocking!... i will not "cincai" spend anyhoo now. most of it was gone to bus tickets and accomodation. sigh work...the only word in my dictionary that is not very appealing. reality bites...
happy times are short. that's why we framed it up in the form of photos. as u can see there is not much photos on this blog but there are tons on the other site.
so much feelings and emotions inside of me when i want to write and tell. but right now it's just empty. gah...worry not as i will spam u with more details on the road soon. going out to meet my german friend who was working together in North Island before. u never know when is the last time u will see them again! then again nz is so small u will always bump into friends every corner or the two islands. i'm serious! i'm a living example of it! hehe
ciao ciao!


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