his after moan though cries oh no
he's building up a shine but he’d take it slow
and he knows it time to make a change here, time to get away
it's time for all the wrong reasons, time to end the pain
but he sleep all, we sleep all day, sleep all, we sleep all day over
said well we, sleep all, we sleep all day, we sleep all, we sleep all day over...

jason mraz is truly a talented artist. one of my favourite actually. well, i know at times, it seems like we are trying our best in life and yet it is not easy at all. don't give up just yet because i truly believe when you give it all out, there is nothing we cannot achieve. i read somewhere that no one is born a loser. everyone is a winner even if we have lose.

i found some cover versions which is nice! have a go at it while you're here.


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