broga hill hike

i was invited by fish, a friend of mine to hike bukit tabur last week but i couldn't go because i was recovering from sickness. so i take on this invitation to broga hill on saturday. it was an open invitation in facebook by mr. liao the organizer. anyway i had fun watching the sunset and feeding-killing the mosquitoes. good thing i wore a track pants. if not my legs would be partially paralysed by mosquitoes bites. the mosquitoes there are so loaded they keep on coming at you and i read somewhere that broga hill is a breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes. no shieeet...

and it ended with a very nice and full dinner with 3 fish dishes as the main course.

some photos taken by me and allen my backpacking friend from nz. you can also check out his entry on broga hill here.


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