sungai lembing

last monday, an ex-room mate of 8 beds sharing dorm and a backpacking friend i met in NZ invited me to hike sungai lembing's bukit panorama in pahang state. what better way to celebrate chap goh mei away from the crowds and jam. it was also an relaxing getaway from the city life. there is probably not much to do there. back then, sungai lembing was a tin mining area and now, most of the old wooden shoplots are unoccupied. u will probably see a lot of older folks where as young adults are mostly working in the nearer city such as kuantan. it's a laid back place. when the night falls, karaoke is one of the entertainment in the town area. not the usual pop songs u will hear but chinese oldies...sang by some of the old folks. we stayed in a homestay (bungalow turn holiday villa) which was worth every penny (RM75 for 3 person per night). the rooms were equiped with beds, mattresses, ceiling fans, air cond, table drawers, heater (shower) and in the living hall, there is a karaoke set, astro (for the city ppl i suppose...) and kettle for boiling water. reminds me of the time we stays in those similar hostels/backpackers in NZ. i would say bukit panorama is an easy hike compared to those in NZ. if one is fit, probably takes about 30 mins relaxing hike up the top (that is if one always go mountain hiking).

reaching kuantan.

the famous cherating beach (club med).

this beach is also a nesting spot for sea turtles.

vegetarian tomato mee for dinner! OMG...and i thought only kuching has tomato mee.

this was the shop we had our dinner in sungai lembing.

this is how quiet the place is at night.

the owner at the villa sells beer too! RM5 for 1 can.

relaxing the night away. i think i have not celebrate chap goh mei for many years!

got up at 4.30am and getting ready to hike.

the "team-leader".

right before the break of dawn. u can see sungai lembing and the town area.

awesome sunrise and scenery. gua charas in the background.

ferns from the mountain.

part of the walkway...so it's not really like real hiking...i would say.

when day light came.
all photos are courtesy of allen tan.


Anonymous Dan said...

is that gal named anne?

3:03 AM  
Anonymous Koo said...

hi. can you provide me the homestay contact no at Lembing? I wish to go there end of this month.
my email is vickikoowk@yahoo.com


6:20 PM  
Blogger Alicia Leong said...

Hi, can you share the contact no. for the homestay villa

12:42 AM  

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