this is not goodbye

i am finally going home. at last!

i probably be questioned at the airport by immigration why didn't i leave the country since my visa has been expired since august. well. i don't blame them because i filed for a work permit and it says on the paper they will process the whole thing within 60 days but sadly it has took them longer than that so i requested for my passport to be sent back! and u know what? it took them another 2 weeks to get it back to me after many phone calls and emails/faxes!

anyway, i finally got my air tickets all sorted out. i'm flying off from christchurch to auckland next wednesday! and few hours sleep at auckland airport as my flight leaving from auckland - brisbane - brunei - kuching is 5.30am in the morning. and i will probably have half day in brunei as my that was the only connecting flight available. it's gonna be a tiring trip home.

it's ironic i'm not looking forward to go back just yet when i have been procrastinating the urge to go home so badly since the last few months. part of me is nervous about the fact that money is a big problem for me now. i am short of time. i need to save heaps before i can see her and realised our dream. where should i start? i need a proper visa if i want to go there. so many questions in my head. wanting to go and knowing how is totally two different thing altogther. do i have enough time to master the language barrier in such a short time? everything seems muzukashi at times. the gf says i should try. i should give it a try before giving up any hopes, shouldn't i?

i'm still in the mist of a mix feeling. i am really going home this time! wow. no more snowboarding for some time now. i'll really miss this sport! but i am very enthusiastic about getting back on skateboarding again! just to practice my balance and get in shape if i ever going to ride the snow in the near future!

i will definitely miss all my friends i met here and kind hearts that lend me their helps during this trip. i really can't believe that i will be stepping on the plane home in 4 days!

jya mata ne the land of the long white cloud!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't think I haven't been reading. =)

I'm glad u had an amazing time in NZ, that uve seen what u wanted to and learned what u were dying to. and best of all, you have even found what you've been searching for. Love. Your dream has come true!

Btw, you do sound like you're really broke. I was this close to joining you dude. Hehe.

Have a pleasant long ride home and good luck with coming back to reality!

10:20 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

audrey: looks like you are also having some vacation of your own! hope you enjoy yours! argh, don't remind me of reality :P but u know it does feel good to be back.

9:56 PM  

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