free hugs

i have this really really silly idea on what to do on valentine's day. i was thinking if i should do this since i am free and available on that day. remember the "free hugs" video on youtube not too long ago? i want to try that. i think i should celebrate the occasion by giving people what i think really comes from inside that matters. isn't that what it is all about? before it became commercialized. well, i thought of several venues such as pavillion and klcc...outside the malls of course. anyway, if u think i should do it, please leave a message here. if i do get more than 1,000 responses, ok...who am i kidding myself? we'll see. will keep you posted.

edited: chances are i'm not gonna do it because there is few factors that worries me. one, i might get into trouble with the securities and management. secondly, if no ones comes up to me, i would be standing there like an idiot holding a big cardboard. so much for a thought. who knows someone might beat me to the idea!


Blogger ms.bulat said...

don't see whats wrong with it:D
if you ever change your mind and back in msia. i will be there :D

11:06 AM  

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