home is really hot. i know it has always been, just that whenever i return home from somewhere cold, my body can't adjust to the temperature in a short period of time. just like the time when i came back from korea at -5 celcius and to the humidity of malaysia. kinda miss the cold weather of nz now.

almost 2 days of flying, transits (feel like endless) are making me very tired. the sky in wellington and auckland were fired up with fireworks when i was flying from Christchurch. it was fireworks week in nz and really cool because it was something i never seen before from another view. too bad my camera broke down like months ago. otherwise i would have share this kodak moment with u all.

i guess travelling really teaches me something. that one ought to be humble. that life is fragile and cultural differences are unique and we sometimes take them for granted.

this is one of the life invaluable experience i would not trade for anything. i am also glad to be home. once all charged up, i will take another journey to another land. next stop, nihon!!?


Anonymous Patrick Ho said...

Welcome back! .. :)

3:48 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

pat: tadaima! thx cuzzie!

9:51 PM  
Blogger Ling said...

shud i say welcome home? hehe.. glad that u had an awesome time in nz. =P come back anytime soon. i'm coming home for xmas. =) can't wait. 5 more weeks!!

12:19 PM  
Blogger The J said...

It is so cool to be able to share your valuable experience.. Even though I might not have the chance (yet) to go overseas now.. But, I hope in near future.. I can at least follow ur foot steps to fly out from msia and explore the world outside~~~ =)

Jason Siah

1:14 PM  

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