genki jyanai

i will miss our always so random and ridiculous way together. Lake Pukaki.

together under the sakura tree at Queenstown city centre.

first time pouring and serving me sake at some japanese restaurant in Queenstown.

one of our many rides together. (Snowpark, Wanaka.)

walking up the hill top at Queenstown and was dead tiring because both of us thinks the gondola was way expensive.

i will miss our eigo to nihongo no benkyo time together.

i will miss you cutting my hair.

how u get so nervous when u met my german friend for the first time and thought she was my ex.

our getaway weekend together and also to celebrate my last bday in Christchurch.

how u made me so worried when you teamed up with Kazu and Tobi and lied to me just so you can buy the skate shoes we saw in Queenstown and got it as my bday present.

i will miss manja-ing to you the most.

and how you Kazu, Tobi teamed up again to made me a surprise bday party.
but most of all...i will just miss you a lot. and i still do.
i thought just maybe, after so many years of being alone, after numerous experiences, i would somehow feel less heartache if someone i treasure a lot leaves me. the feeling have not sink in. ever so often, i would comfort myself to sleep at night. the pain still lingers. how can i ever forget about you when we first met, you told me language wasn't a barrier, height was not a problem, all the stupid promises you made me kept. all those stupid crashes, blooding, cuts, bruises during riding the snow is nothing because you taught me to suck it up. when i first started this backpack journey, i was hoping to find a direction, something. i don't know just something. it was a bonus to have met you in this "not so part of the trip" rendezvous. it was really a surprise and i would never thought this would happen to a small town boy like me. you could have choosen any jap guys over me then. now i'm back to square one. i'm lost in the middle of nowhere again. let's just hope this time i can find my way out and learnt something from this experience.


Blogger Â§pinzer said...

happy memories bro, just keep them happy memories :)

2:04 AM  
Blogger jitpunkia said...

truly a love story

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay, that girl is super familiar..... hmmm, ganjaguru..??

4:35 AM  

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