summer snow

it's coming to an end for my long holiday break since nov 07. i'll officially start work next tuesday. yeap, i got a job offer and i really intend not to jump aboard anytime soon unless i get way better offer lol. for the last few days, i've been thinking a lot about snowboarding and secretly planning my next trip to LA or Nagano may be sometime next year. since the US visitor visa was a 10 years one why not make full use of it...lol will see which one works out cheaper for me. either way, i just want to ride so badly. and to torment myself even more, i've been watching snowboarding dvds : (
today, i think i totally worned out myself attempting ollie and reverse nollie on skateboard. i swear this is the first time i did so many ollies and reverse nollies. i honestly think the happiest moments of my life is snowboarding (besides love). cos it's always about self-improvements. it's never about competing with others but well, yes sometimes i (we, riders) do cos wanting to ride to the fullest and i remembered day one on the snow mountain clearly like it was yesterday. 1 week before they close the season, i had my eye swollen so badly after a bad crash off one of the kickers. that my friend is progress! i remembered the time when i was scared shitless not being able to go 50-50 on rails or boxes. even my friends whom been riding for many years were surprise about my progress. i was happy with my progress indefinitely!
i'm thinking to get either a small digital camera to replace my old one that not sure why the battery or the charger is not working. or a second hand dslr? i want a light and small camera to carry around but at the same time, i want to try out a dslr. decisions decisions. gah! wish i can have the luxury to have both...


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