it's all so quiet now

i survived 2 weeks of working. work is good. at least i'm keeping myself busy but on a rainy and lonely night like this, one can't help but to reminisce the past. that how much you had shattered my heart and soul in many ways. believe me it's not all bad cos i actually saw another side of you and i'm glad we are no longer together. it was really sweet and will always be a part of me. it's the weekend...and it does feel good just to chill at home doing nothing. i'm going to broga hill for a hike tomorrow and to watch the sunset. i'm looking forward to it : )

fave quote of the week from yee siang: "earth hour: off all the lights but leave the air cond on?"...hahahaha


Anonymous exiang said...

aiyo... dude, just let it go man!

11:30 AM  

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