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how was your saturday? i'm trapped at home awaiting a call. an important call. i sorta replaced the number in my phone book and i can't contact this friend whom i was suppose to meet tonight and has not seen her for 2 years. the good news is i bought a new dslr! canon 450d to be exact. eventhough i didn't get the freebies i think it's still a good price for a new camera. although money is an issue for me right now, i don't know why sometimes i burden myself with more problems than i already have. lol guess the plastic card has it use at times. still, i need to pay back. gah...

talk about earth hour. i came home to find my condo was pitch dark. the tv was on. the housemate was sleeping on the sofa soundly with fan turned on high. what's the whole point of switching off the ligths when other stuffs was on. man...where is the logic?

i'm gonna take my baby/new toy kai kai tomorrow and play with her a bit. woot!!


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