bali - day 3

every morning, we were served with toasts, eggs, fruits and tea or coffee. it's as good as it gets. the place to go today is ubud and tanah lot. ubud is hailed as the centre of art and crafts. it's a much quieter town compared to bustling kuta.

bali is also famous for the layers of paddy fields. although it's not as evident enough in this photo. you can see tons of them in the country side. at ubud, we visited two main museums, neka art museum and the blanco renaissance museum.

neka art museum has heaps of collections on balinese day to day lifestyle and dates back to many decades to modern days style of drawings.

as there was no photography allowed inside blanco renaissance museum, i have to dig out some photos as reference from the world wide web.
antonio blanco on the other hand is a spanish artist that uses women as his main painting subject. in his mansion, you will see heaps of nude women paintings and he is also a poet as poems were combined in his paintings.

the late antonio blanco (google search image)

one of the many blanco's piece (google search image)

a must eat at ubud is babi guling. the infamous ibu oka stall. you won't miss it as the place is always packed. surprisingly, the workers here too speaks fluent mandarin and japanese too! man, i guess they have heaps of chinese and japanese customers. babi guling actually tasted much like our roasted pork. the vege that comes with the rice was a bit spicy for me.

sitting next to us was this japanese lovely old couples from kyushuu. they were very nice and friendly. i managed to chat with them a bit with my broken japanese and manage to get away with it. really makes me miss my japanese friends whom i stayed with in nz. don't exactly remember how much this meal was but i say it was roughly about RP90,000 (RM15 per person).

next stop was tanah lot. what can i say about this place. it was swarm with tourists. like too many if you ask me. most of the tourists are from indonesia, lots of chinese from china, some japanese and few europeans? not much to say about tanah lot except it has way too many tourists.

after a tiring day, we headed back to kuta and indulge ourselves in soto kambing (soup), rice and satay kambing (lamb) for RP20,000 (RM3 per person). this stall is located at the corner of Jalan Kuta 1. it's the exact some stall that sells bakso during the day time.

the truth is, we had bakso for lunch and these for dinner twice.

more photos here!


Blogger Lau UngIng said...

Ooo ~ the barbecued pork ... so tempting ...

5:15 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

unging: yes, it's a must eat at ubud when you are in bali!

9:59 PM  
Blogger Aliciaks said...

oh i can't wait for bali again... counting days counting days

9:24 PM  

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