this is hard

sometime last year in august, i had a terrible mishap from snowboarding. i was snowboarding with my buddies and doing crazy stunts. during one of the jumps off the small cliff, i had a bad landing and trembled down the slope in a very unlikely manner and somehow twisted my left knee. it got swollen real bad that day. all i did was putting ice bag on the swelling knee. i didn't really give it enough time to rest the injury and i was quick on the slope again right after few days and continue snowboarding for the next 2 months. so today, almost 6 months after that incident, i finally got my lazy arse to pay a visit to the doctor and have my knee checked once and for all because the pain has not subside. it comes and goes. sometimes it hurts like bitch when i sleep or just sitting there minding my own business. good news is there is no fractured bones. the only problem now is the doc has no idea what is causing the pain. it can be the inflammation from the swell six months ago and it's probably giving me the sensation that i am feeling every now and then. the doc prescribed me diclofenac sodium which is an anti-inflammatory drug, for swelling, joint pain...oh well, you get the picture...but what i'm more worry is the side effects. good thing i googled it and there is just too many side effects i'm worry about and i probably might want to skip the drug for now. besides, my knee pain is not like really serious but it does irritates and drive me up the wall at times. let's hope by resting my knee, meaning no skateboarding or crazy stunts for the next 1-2 months and let's pray the pain shall go away. if not, i'll be paying my regular visit to the physiotherapist...dang. no snowboarding is hard enough, now they gonna take away skateboarding too? sad...this is just sad.

p/s: i feel sorry cos i kind of promised my friend that i am helping him with his photography assignment this weekend. he needed somebody to do some skateboarding tricks and i thought i might lend him a hand or two. looks like this wrapped up knee is not going anywhere now...is it?


Blogger exiang said...

oo..over excercise... hopefully u dont walk like old man. I going to do surfing in bali o.. u sure u dunwan a :P

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