snowboarding in malaysia?

for those of you who has no freaking idea what kind of cravings i've been blogging about, do watch these videos to have a slight idea of why i am so obsessed with snowboarding. may be i am a little crazy and it seems that someone has beat me to the idea of having an indoor snow dome like the one in dubai. i don't know how real this could be but i'm not saying it's not possible. this bloke plans to set up an indoor ski field not sure where about yet in KL. if this project really hits it off, i won't be dreaming any longer as i could just shred the snow whenever i feel like it not having to fly thousands of kilometres to another country just to ride. having said that, indoor ski field will never come close to real deep powder snow that one have experienced. i have my share of pure joy of riding the first chair and fresh powder on the slopes.

some of the riders i look up to and inspires me:
travis parker

eddie wall, he does both skate and snowboard which is sweet

jeremy jones, my fave ojisan rider doing his thing.

mark frank montoya better known as MFM (gansta' rider yo).


Blogger jitpunkia said...

i dont ride pipe

5:08 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

marv: i think pipe is the hardest among all the style.

4:26 PM  
Blogger janice said...

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