sydney or not...that's the question in my head. i really want to go. that was my initial plan before i came here. had to cancel that trip due to expensicve air ticket. pacific blue is having a promo now. christchurch - sydney for less than $243 NZD. sometimes i think too much i can't make up my mind. tacky huh. hate it.
i will get back to that soon. maybe after dinner...u know how cheap flights always get booked up fast!
6 months in nz is way too short to really breathe the air and feel what's it like to be alive and backpacking in another land. i might want to extend this trip longer...if possibe. but in my mind, there is there possibility of wanting to go UK or Japan next year. gawd...this is not fair...wish i can have more time and money on my hand. i still have credit cards and debts to pay for this trip here. *sob*
there is also the thoughts of uncertainties sometimes clouding my judgement. i wish i can be carefree enough not to worry about life. the thoughts of going back. the thoughts of ppl who expecting me to be home when it is time. "when am i going back"? that is the question i get asked so very often. i wish i don't have to go back :P cos i'm really in love with this laziness and country. the kiwis are so friendly and helpful. never had i experienced this warmness in any country before.
anyhow, i still have about another 3 months to go. it's a short time compared to other backpackers who will stay in nz for a year! but i'm counting my blessings. i will be home when it is time. worry not. i should be home. to the land i love and hate so much one day. soon.


Anonymous ivan said...

dude, come over sydney. I'll be there if you're coming before 7th june. :D i love aus!

3:35 PM  
Blogger Eve said...

really regret that i din go with you or stay longer in UK T__T

debts to pay yes, but dont u think it's worth it?

i think it is...although life will be must better not thinking bout it! hhaha

5:40 PM  

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