i made a mistake at the price ticket. it's actually $360++ after airport tax. it's quite reasonable price but i'm paying by credit card which brings me to the next thought, that i have to convert it to ringgit as i'm paying using malaysian visa card. crap...it's near to 1k... plus i already owe too much money now. not very wise now uh...
i heard the apple packing is going to end in another 2 weeks. since i won't be going to sydney anymore, i probably will head down to christchurch again to get my gears (snowboarding equipments) before heading to meet my friend in Methven, the nearest town to Mt Hutt (snowboarding heaven!) more spendings required! : ( but i only get to do it once in a lifetime...
money, i don't want to be bothered by that but it's always the agenda. sadly.

anyhow...the saying, life goes on aight!

sunset at Tahuna Beach, Nelson.
5 mins walk from the holiday park i'm staying now.


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