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last weekend was the queen's birthday and it was a long weekend. some friends who works together at the pack house invited me to Abel Tasman National Park. it was a 3 days get away from the busy apples packing schedule.

edited: got a sms this evening from my younger sis. her bf proposed to her and she told me the wedding will be held probably end of next year. i'm truly happy for her! best part is, the ring was somewhat like tiffany & co. it was something she wish to have cos we were talking about the ring she would love to have months before i came backpacking in nz.

Pupu Springs (New Zealand largest natural spring)

Wainui Bay

Wainui Falls

Tata Beach

some harbour by Tata Beach

watching sunset...

the weekend crews: me, takuya, hiroshi, masato

catch of the day!

horse riding at Cape Farewell

we made wonderful dinner at Takaka: japanese dish; 3 colours rice & potato soup by Masato + Takuya, spaghetti bolognese by Hiroshi + me.

Bark Bay (we started off the Coastal Track by water taxi from Marahau and walk 6 hours back to Marahau) tiring but it was all worth it! not to mention we also spotted heaps of glow worms before the Marahau exit.

The Costal Track, which give wonderful view of the beach and surrounding of Abel Tasman National Park. I can't say i been to a lot of tracks but this is by far my most fave track! I've only done Tongariro Crossing at Tongariro National Park, Hooker Valley and Tasman Valley track from Mt Cook.

lunch at Torrent Bay (wrapped rice + miced beef)

banzai nippon! *rofl*

random jump off a tree bark!

7 more days to go before i see snow and feel snow! mt hutt, i'm so coming!


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