was in methven for 2 days and i found a job and a place to stay on the 3rd day. it was somehow a blessing. guess i count my blessing too soon. i work for accomodation. in other words, i get free stay and breakfast as long as i do the chores at the backpackers. i started working today and it was alright. easy stuffs. preparing breakfast, doing beds, washing and drying laundry...the thing is i like this job, its easy and i have time to go up the mountain after morning chores. my job starts at 6.45am and probably ends at 11am or so. well, i like the place, cosy place and clean kitchen...though my sharing dorm stinks of "i-don't-know-what". my boss is alright but sometimes a bit over "kin tio"... this morning while doing the hostel's laundry and my own laundry...he turned off the drying machine and came to me a bit upset telling me i shouldn't use the drying machine as the weather outside is sunny. the thing is...the cloth hanging lines are all fully hang by the bed sheets...so i thought its ok to use the drying machine as the is no more space left to hang. while having my late lunch, he came to me with a harsh tone: "there is a big problem...when i said something, i meant it...." u can imagine the rest. i wasn't happy...but i know its saving powers and stuffs. he was briefing the rest of the staffs and i this morning about saving powers in the hostel... i am just using drying machine like once a week...(that's how i usually do my laundry..) it's not gonna take so much of the bill is it?...why making such a big deal out of it... i am quite thankful that he took me in for work because i was just asking for job the day before and he had to let go one of the guys cos he can't speak good english. i need this job and place to stay as i'm gonna go up the mountain as much as possible since i already bought the winter season pass! anyway, this will pass. i shall not like this beat me. (for now i must "tao tao use pc in my dorm"...can't go outside liao cos he will sure nag about using too much electricity again... :(

anyways, photos from snowboarding! enjoy.

onigiri for lunch

mist in the evening. it was so thick the we can only see many metres ahead of us at ground zero.


Anonymous yee siang said...

cool bro! you have gone to more places than i had now. Snowboarding some more. I dint get to see such thick snow also. I quite enjoy life back in malaysia too. Earning money so hard now. hehehe :)

8:27 PM  

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