got myself a new job as a cleaner at one of the backpackers and they pay me bucks!~ how sweet is that? thanks to my jap friend whom intro me the job. more income for paying my weekly rent and food! bad news is i can't get as much working days at the thai restaurant as they are hiring more ppl now but the boss and staffs there treats me real nice! and the boss is a super nice too! occasional free shots from the boss (he makes really nice shots! as in alcohol)
everything is fine here except my back is still sore from the fall 2 weeks ago and shoulder and front chest injury from snowboarding. my right leg is starting to take in the pain.
i can't say enough...i'm really missing home now but not wanting to go home just yet. this morning while walking to work, i saw the mountain was all white. white powdery snow is all i think of. cold but sunny up there! fuhs, the snow is 80cm thicker than before!

see you in the powder!


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