let it snow. let it snow. let it snow.

today will be my last day at YHA Methven. i am moving to another backpacker to stay and this time I will have to pay for accommodation. it's $130 a week and i think it's quite pricey but i was told they are the cheapest weekly paid backpacker in town. i will try my best to look for a flat (single room) to rent. looks like everyone is looking for a flat here. it's really hard to be honest. i also got myself a new job at a thai restaurant. i get paid 10 dollars an hour. 1 free dinner and 1 free meals from the menu after work. it's not too bad. i really think if i work hard for this job, the boss/manager will be happy and recognize my effort.
the snow up the mountain is 18cm thicker after last night~! this is good news for the boarders and skiers! i might hitch hike to go up later when i'm done packing and moving to the new place. so much has happened along this journey. sometimes i really do feel like giving up but good souls always keep me on my toe. keeps me positive! that no matter how hard or the situation is, i myself have to be in control. life isn't always so smooth as u think for me. some bumps and hick-ups r necessary for growing. i am starting to feel a bit homesick. i miss the warm sun. mamak. family. friends. but still, this is something i will look back and not have any regrets on later in life! this is what i do. this is what i want. embracing every bit of the moment as i go.


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