it's been more than 3 weeks since i arrived in this little town called Methven. a lot of times, i do feel bored cos there is basically nothing much to do when the mt is closed due to certain days (bad weather and bad road conditions). the only thing to keep me occupied is by working. now i'm a cleaner at one of the lodges by day and waiter at the thai restaurant by night. last weekend was super busy for me as one of the waitress can't come in for work and she has to stay and look after the lodge as her owner was away for holiday. it's good money for me as i get to work more but the thing is i'm working 3 days non stop from 9am-9pm fri, sat and sun. i ended up sick. i had sore throat a day ago and fever last night (i caught a cold from the thai restaurant cos it was too cold). now i'm down with flu and cough. it's not so bad actually. i get to rest a day off instead of heading up to the mt for snowboarding. i really do like this town. the ppl are friendly. almost everyone knows everyone. it does bothers me a bit cos when a small town like this, rumours travel fast and that's not very good. not that there is any bad rumours going on about me but i just don't like that idea. today i will call up immigration and ask about my visa extension details. *fingers crossed*
i haven't gotten any reply from my mum since last week. i'm a bit upset. maybe she is busy at work. lol and i told them to give me a ring when they are free. it's crazy expensive to call home! i really hate not hearing any words from home since i try to make an effort to do so on my part. *hmmmp*
how is everyone back home? the only thing that concerns me now is my future. what will i do when i get home. i don't feel like going back to advertising again. it's a dog-eat-dog world.
more updates soon...


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