autobots, transform!

the 2007 transformers movie trailer is finally out! directed by michael bay and produced by steven spielberg. i must say their version of transformers looked different from what i've have expected. i was hoping they look more like the original anime version back in 80's.
the almighty optimus prime {hollywood's version of prime that is}!

check out more concept and set photos here!
watch the trailer:

anyways, i was bored and been wanting to watch eragon since its out! but seems like everyone had already watched or some are not interested in watching. therefore, i drove myself to one utama after work {was an unplanned and very random thing} and bought myself a ticket. initially, i wanted to get the movie showing as early as possible as i have to work the following day. seems like the earliest one is packed and the next movie is only reserved for gold class. in the end, i got myself a 9.55pm show instead. in between that 2 hours, i had dinner, did a bit a grocery shopping and ice cream {gelato}. i know it some might feel weird having to catch a movie all by oneself but i guess i don't have to worry much as most "good" seats are usually left one by the row and so forth. plus i'm sick of calling ppl to watch with me. amazingly, i did enjoy myself. maybe this will be the beginning of watching most movies in the future :)

what i need now is a dragon to wow the girl of my dream :P *opps...i'm dreaming again" kekeke
ok la...its way past my bed time and i need to get up to work tomorrow.
one creepy thing bout the dragon in eragon is, she is your thoughts, so its scary if she knows what u'r thinking of. yea, even if u'r horny! ahhahahaha

niteyyy nitesss.


xmas joy

these are two videos taken during the company's xmas party@rain modesto

photos *here*


been listening too much of xmas songs till i filled myself with mellow-ness or should i say emo-ness. lol :P
xmas is around the corner and i haven't got time and not sure what to get as xmas gift for the company xmas dinner where each of us are required to get sth for the one we had randomly hand picked from a basket.
work has been flowing in non-stop. i have nothing much to complain cos i have no life, hence working is the only life i have at the moment.
so waddupp?? what else is new? i'm hoping for my pay cheque to come a.s.a.p. cos i'm so broke. no shit. i am. another week and i'm done for. hehe
oh, i wish mr santa grant me one wish this year or rather a gift for the coming year. i don't mind if the present comes late. i'll be anticipating...

anyways, have a merry merry xmas and a happy new year ppl {in advance}!


dedicated to all melbourne shufflers


My Boo

has been busy at work for the last few days, late nights, its tiring but rewarding. its a good experience. keep it coming!
everyday, i look forward to my future as i can feel its slowly carving a path. one step at a time. not too fast, not too slow, keep it steady. had a chat with a senior from ex-college and his advice was; whatever u do, just do it nicely, don't make stupid moves, they might hire u for real.

i believe what drives me is passion. the passion to do the things i like. its fairly true we work for a living but don't let that become a job. love doing what u do is something far more greater than just making a living.

nite yo all.

"life ain't perfect, its how u make the most out of it"



mad props to Passion, a philipino singer.


"the only distance between two person is their ego"


a lil' listening pleasure - click
currently listening to corinne bailey rae & more of her here!