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Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah

for some reasons, i seem to like this song. heaps. really. i was driving to work as usual today and everyone was minding their on business on the road. it was like any other day. but someone requested this song to be played on the radio. it was so catchy and it was as if it was singing about my life. its like one of those love song that makes u reflect on your love life. whether it was just a song written about a real love story or not, it didn't matter to me. what i like about the lyrics is that it seems real to me and i wanted to be believe that such story does exist in real life. sometimes we overlooked what is in front of us. it may sounds skeptical but hey, thats just us right? i wish i can be as bold as the story/lyrics. such a love fool i am = ) that i miss u more each day. maybe one day my love will die and a new love will bloom again. like four seasons of loneliness that shall pass. one day.


my new found love. nao watanabe. this song is called "live with me"

the office has this unofficial policy if anyone worked till 6am the next day, he/she can be dismissed from work. i came home about 7 this morning from work yesterday. yea, so initially, i wanted to get my ass up from my bed and hurry to office but i slept till way passed noon. so yea, i didn't make it to work today. there u go. a life of a designer. what do i get out of this? sleep deprived la what else. u think got overtime pay? nahhh! lol i also want la...ish ish. life...what a waste.
been pondering when should i tender my resignation. since i've been more than unmotivated at work. most of the people at work left and some going to leave soon had have better offers i guess. hmmm...dilemma. work vs life. life vs responsibilities. responsibilities that ties us to a job. no job, no pay. no pay, whose gonna pay my bills? *sigh* its an inevitable life cycle i tell u.

i want my healthy lifestyle back!


say harlo to my new toy

being around with a cacat phone that can't view for sh*ts is troublesome enough. so i finally got myself a new phone. i am that desperate! i'm not sure about the market price but i was scouting around yesterday and i think i got myself a good deal. plus my nokia 5300 have a 256mb memory card added to it. anyhoo...ppl, do pm me your numbers on msn pls! my contacts are all stucked in my old phone memory : (
sometimes, u just want to forget someone so badly u tried to avoid them in all possible ways but somehow, fate leads u back to square one. i bumped into her yesterday. she waved at me. i felt like i've been hit by a tornado. can't think straight for hours afterwards...its that BAD. gawd i miss her so much but we just can't be together.

but its sunny outside so go out and play! = ) happy sunday yo! i'm going for a swim later!


i found myself dragging my ass to work today. i almost didn't get to work on time (luckily i heard a shout by my housemate and got up immediately, chun chun time for work...now i'm sitting on my desk feeling so worn out n crappy) cos my mobile phone decides to joke on me. its kaput. yes. officially. i need a new phone urgently. its like my only means of alarm to get up in the morning. i've realised how technologically challenged i am. i can't imagine a life without internet, computer and my phone. what ever happen to the good ol' days when everything was simple and not so complicated. i'm so "unconnected" to the outside world...wu wu wu :P


chill, its only wednesday.

funky watch aight? hhehe and yes i love funky watch and designs. check out the functions of the watch here.
on a totally unrelated matter, someone made a video in response to a song that was written some time ago.

i'm not sure if u guys r following the current news but lets not let a song affect us. we live a multi-cultural country. we have somehow live in peace and no raging war in this part of the world. just because someone's opinion been voiced out through a song, the authority is threaten and wanting an end to this. well, why can't we live in peace like we always has been? personally, its not even an insult if u see it from another point of view. well, maybe it wasn't wise for the singer to modify our national anthem because of restrictions imposed in such laws.
while google for restriction on national anthem, i found this:

1. The Federal Constitution of Malaysia explicitly guarantees every citizen "the right to freedom of speech and expression" (Article 10.1.a). While it also allows the Parliament to impose restrictions "by law", parodying the national anthem is not one of the eight permissible grounds. (Article 10.1.b) We remind all quarters that the suggestion of evoking a charge against Wee under the National Anthem Act has therefore risked defying the Federal Constitution itself, a more serious offence than any parodying of the National Anthem.

2. No one should be prosecuted or persecuted for their artistic expressions so long they are not propagating violence. Those who disagree with certain artistic expressions should reply with artistic critiques or counter-expressions, rather than banning or them or persecuting the artists with the state's power. The same principle applies on academic, social, political, religious, cultural views, where an opponent to a particular view should strive to defeat and debunk the view s/he opposes in free debates, rather than silencing whomever s/he considers heretic with the state's power. If we cannot hold on to this principle, we are making a mockery of the Article 10 of our Federal Constitution.

3. Inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony cannot be promoted by suppressing freedom of expression. Suppression will only drive misunderstanding and animosity into frustrations and anger which will sweep everyone when suppression is no longer possible. Bigotry and hostility can only be addressed and eliminated under open and rational debates, where everyone respect each other's freedom of expression insofar no violence is used or advocated. If some are intolerant to views they consider insulting or offensive, the society must promote tolerance and respect, rather than conceding to emotional responses of the intolerant lot. Otherwise, if everyone protests against everything s/he considers offensive, perhaps no issue can be discussed publicly. This will only kill democracy as the state can dictate on matters of importance without public scrutiny and participation.


not much info on this site but one thing for sure, its more like an eye candy site for guys(and maybe girls too)...lolz *click*


i'm damn champion this morning i locked myself in the house. left the all my keys in my room.
now my room's door is half cacat thanks to me. bah! so much for a feeling half awake and half pissed.
no more going out on working nights. *reminder* ish. but the guys smashing at moonshine last night was awesome. can't deny it!


god of wealth

dypshoria. | biatchjulz.blogspot.com says: (3:43:45 PM)
i have another friend asked me if i wud like to start a boutique bizness
dypshoria. | biatchjulz.blogspot.com says: (3:43:50 PM)
dypshoria. | biatchjulz.blogspot.com says: (3:43:56 PM)
wish i was a tycoon's daughter
- c a l v - says: (3:44:38 PM)
- c a l v - says: (3:44:44 PM)
just follow your heart
dypshoria. | biatchjulz.blogspot.com says: (3:46:47 PM)
i followed my heart..
dypshoria. | biatchjulz.blogspot.com says: (3:46:54 PM)
but god of wealth is not following me
dypshoria. | biatchjulz.blogspot.com says: (3:46:56 PM)
- c a l v - says: (3:47:47 PM)
- c a l v - says: (3:47:54 PM)
that's a good one
- c a l v - says: (3:47:55 PM)
dypshoria. | biatchjulz.blogspot.com says: (3:52:58 PM)


oh my...pls tell me u r not tempted...*click*


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its winter now in a not so far away land. i miss wearing my winter jacket in the cold. eating gelato in the cold. i miss playing basketball in the cold. damn, i miss the time i hibernate all day long in my room tucked under those thick quilt. blowing warm air from my mouth like a dragon. those were the days...awww.


sometimes i really don't know if i had made the right choice in life. like the time i gave up on a city and moved on to another unfamiliar city that i have come to hate and love. a place i call my second home now. every now and then, i will still miss those places i had visited and stayed a while longer. what is this love and hate relationships? most of us went to a bigger city to paint a bigger picture. most, hoping to fulfill our dreams and hopes. sometimes i think we do get carried away with bits and pieces of life we somehow forget what we set out to do.
what was your dream and have u succeed? mine is not even half way there yet. *laughs*
oh well, in time to come. in time to come.



took one day off(mc) yesterday sleeping + resting at home cos my body decides to break down on me. sorethroat, fever, flu, cough...whatever rocks your boat. finally new housemate moved in yesterday. haven't seen the face yet but instead, the housemate's bf greets me at the door :P lolz what else is new? i'm back at work...fighting phlegm with Flight of the Conchords
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