a view from the top of Mt Victoria at Devonport overlooking auckland city.

been really tired from walking...honestly. walking up the hills..down the hill LOL the habour is so near to the city that u will see seagails ever so often. the internet in the hostel is quite a rip off...cos u have to pay in USD. -____- so usually i would walk to the city centre and use the internet at some cyber cafe. its much more cheaper. about NZD2-3 an hour depending which ones u go to.

just check out my multiply for updates on photos. i would log in here sometimes but not as often. i'll be heading to Taupo this weekend and Hastings next week for work in the factory, i think. hahaha anyways, i love the weather here. its so cooling when the weather is not mocking me :P but today its a bit hot. at times its too cold. that's just auckland.


i'm well in auckland. a bit tiring tho from the crazy flight. i'm telling u! haha more than 10 hours of flight. i arrived in auckland about 5am their time (which is 5 hours ahead of malaysian time). i was all ready to fall flat on my the bed but first thing first, to locate my hostel in the city area. so i took the bus, reach the city. walking about in the rain. luckily i was a heavy rain. just drizzling. walking about not knowing how to get there so stopped and asked a guy passing by. he was kind enough to tell me the directions. but the thing is, i took a big turn, walking up the hill with my 11kg backpack(not that heavy by standard) and another 5kg from my laptop. so u can imagine how tiring i was. when i reached my hostel, i fall asleep on the couch as i was too tired from flying and didn't get much sleep the night before. as my check in time was 2pm and i got 6 hours to spare. i spent a bit of time reading and the rest lying dead on the couch. manage to did some grocery shopping as there is an asian supermarket 10 mins walk away from my hostel. my room mates consist of 1 german guy, 1 uk guy and another irish girl. they are alright. nice ppl. i also met some new friends yesterday afternoon in the kitchen. 1 cambodian guy whose been living in nz for 10 years. 1 singaporean lady (not sure about her age). 1 japanese lady at 77 year old!! gosh! but still very energetic! 2 other japanese girls 1 year older than me. so chun, one of them also a graphic designer by profession and she is hoping to get a job in auckland! anyways, my time at the internet cafe is up and i will update again soon!

photos here!


coming to you live from brunei airport. yours truly, is so freaking sleepy cos he got too excited and couldn't sleep through the night. when he almost fall into a deep sleep, the alarm rang and it was time to go the airport. bummer, this is a 2 hour transit in brunei and another few more in brisbane before landing in auckland again.

i want to sleep but what scared that i might missed my flight. the horror. i see some carefree passengers sleeping their way on the waiting area. i hope i find my way to the hostel when i get there. haven't decide whether i should take the bus or train. whichever is cheaper. haha and get me to the city.

in the meantime i guess i can only wait.

*edited: freaking hell! flight delayed...great...another 2 more hours to spare. lappie's battery running low. grrr :P not a great day!


happy chap goh mei!

after so long of procrastinating and always forgetting, i finally googled this singer whose been famous by the help of youtube. half jap + irish american. so exotic~ hehe
from marie digby's cover songs, i finally found the song i've been looking for quite some time now. i know i'm damn lambat but who cares, i really dig this song. makes me feel like i'm in love somehow.

'Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright,
This could be nothing
But I'm willing to give it a try,
Please give me something
'Cause someday I might know my heart.

p/s: i'm still recovering from flu due to the deadly weather lately!
happy throwing orange peeps! *aim before u throw k...lolz :P


i know i'm not alone

i was checking my mail, and like the monthly or whatever weekly updates for friendster, i saw this girl i used to have the hots for. so i click on her profile to see her updates. the moment i saw her photos, i was in this emo-ness state. the kind u feel hopelessly dragging yourself deeper into the black hole that never exist in the first place. sucking u in. as a matter of fact, i didn't feel bad about myself looking at loving couples on valentine's day. i didn't feel the urge to be attached. tonight i felt totally different. it was the first time in a long time that i felt this way. the need to belong.
i miss being in love.
i miss missing someone.
i miss reaching out for my mobile phone just to check if there is a missed call or even a sms from that special someone.
i miss the feeling of missing someone like crazy.
i envy those who are in love. i really do.

ah, i'm flying off about less than 7 days time from now = ) wish me a safe journey in another place. hopefully a new start and a reboot for my mind and body!


before i got too lazy again and bz getting ready for cny, i wanna wish u all a happy cny! and may u all have a prosperous rat year! i wish u all health, wealth and love! gong xi fatt chai!



i drive myself crazy sometimes. period