sushi zanmai@one u

more test shots.

hot green tea.

salmon don.

*not sure what*, tamago and inari.

shoyu ramen.

vanilla ice cream and it was oishikatta!!

overall the food was good. especially the ice cream!! the ramen was good too.

gochisosama deshita.


test shots 101


away from here

how was your saturday? i'm trapped at home awaiting a call. an important call. i sorta replaced the number in my phone book and i can't contact this friend whom i was suppose to meet tonight and has not seen her for 2 years. the good news is i bought a new dslr! canon 450d to be exact. eventhough i didn't get the freebies i think it's still a good price for a new camera. although money is an issue for me right now, i don't know why sometimes i burden myself with more problems than i already have. lol guess the plastic card has it use at times. still, i need to pay back. gah...

talk about earth hour. i came home to find my condo was pitch dark. the tv was on. the housemate was sleeping on the sofa soundly with fan turned on high. what's the whole point of switching off the ligths when other stuffs was on. man...where is the logic?

i'm gonna take my baby/new toy kai kai tomorrow and play with her a bit. woot!!


be wary of those who are evil

*content of this entry has been altered* due to privacy factor.
don't let other people treat us like dirtbags. especially your employer. there are rules we should follow but don't just follow blindly. you got to know what is right and what is wrong. that is why we are given the privilege of a brain. for us to reasons on illogical matters.

sometimes i find life is めんどくさい 。。。なぜ?


broga hill hike

i was invited by fish, a friend of mine to hike bukit tabur last week but i couldn't go because i was recovering from sickness. so i take on this invitation to broga hill on saturday. it was an open invitation in facebook by mr. liao the organizer. anyway i had fun watching the sunset and feeding-killing the mosquitoes. good thing i wore a track pants. if not my legs would be partially paralysed by mosquitoes bites. the mosquitoes there are so loaded they keep on coming at you and i read somewhere that broga hill is a breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes. no shieeet...

and it ended with a very nice and full dinner with 3 fish dishes as the main course.

some photos taken by me and allen my backpacking friend from nz. you can also check out his entry on broga hill here.
i realised i have been missing out on a lot of things now but i promise myself i will make it up someday. one day. i hope.


it's all so quiet now

i survived 2 weeks of working. work is good. at least i'm keeping myself busy but on a rainy and lonely night like this, one can't help but to reminisce the past. that how much you had shattered my heart and soul in many ways. believe me it's not all bad cos i actually saw another side of you and i'm glad we are no longer together. it was really sweet and will always be a part of me. it's the weekend...and it does feel good just to chill at home doing nothing. i'm going to broga hill for a hike tomorrow and to watch the sunset. i'm looking forward to it : )

fave quote of the week from yee siang: "earth hour: off all the lights but leave the air cond on?"...hahahaha


i missed my happy times in nz. it was truly an amazing place. spiritually and mentally for me. now i'm back to hell again.


mou ichido kimi ni aitai

there are many things that is so wrong. i'm tired but awake at this godly hour. may be it's the waking up very early in the morning and comes home late at night. may be it's the heavy morning traffic. may be it's the rubbish that has to be put away far outside from the office at the end of the hallway. may be it's the 1 hour lunch time but colleagues just have to eat so fast and go back to office less than half an hour. feels like zero job satisfaction. the last time i checked, my appointment letter says i will be granted 7 days of annual leave upon confirmation and only legible to use it after a year. wtfzomg...what's that suppose to mean? i cannot have annual leave at all for a year? chi sin one lo....i haven't sign the letter and pass it back to the boss yet. i am still in "considering" about the whole thing... my parent thinks i should take on the job and just try it out, and if i do find a better one i can quit. i really don't know what to think. i don't want to work as a slave. i want to do something i am happy with. something i am proud of. unlike one of my close friend, she is in love with her job. i would kill to be in her shoes. hahaha dang...the world is so not fair i tell u and dragonball evolution sucks....i didn't like it. the lack of the original manga feel to it.

what am i going on about? i really miss those carefree time in nz. where reality is far away from my conscious. the fact of a matter, everything i do impacts the life i live so i can't just do reckless things and get away with it...i still have bills to pay, responsibilities to take care of. i wish the snow is right in front of me, grab my snowboard and hop on the lift and take the first run on the powder snow. not a care in the world. this craving for snow and riding is getting worst day by day. it's contagious, this love for snowboarding. it will certainly take a while to forget about you and the snow. may be i won't but i just need to be strong and get over this phase of life.

sometimes i feel like life is like an endless run.


もって無い + なくなた

after 3 months of avoiding me. i had my answer and email from the ex.

she said she is a bad girl. she decided to get together with a japanese guy and she did love me. well at least now i have a closure. she asked if i'm okay? obviously not but i will, in time to come.
my self-esteem just dropped by half. i have self-esteem issues, seriosuly. someone said to me that i was the kind of person that wanted a girlfriend because i was lonely and just needed accompany. the truth is, don't we all? we have friends to keep us company when we are bored or downed. for me, it doesn't matter how long i meet that someone special. what matters most to me is the chemistry! and i really did love her with all my heart. i honestly do. i really have to thank her for showing me there was love when i stop believing in it. i think everyone of us has a void inside of us. we filled it up with friends, sports other stuffs. for me, i guess i am the kind of person that live to love. i am motivated by love. i know it sounds stupid but that's me. i get all my motivations from love. that includes, family and friends love too!

first day of work? how was it? sucked really bad. i got a ticket for legally parking. hundred bucks...shiet. and i had fever last night...so i swallowed panadol in the morning. my sore throat is gone now, just left with flu, coughing and feverish. lucky me i get to go home early today due to sickness and also because i was new. why am i sick on my first day of job? well, i think i was walking under the hot sun on sunday to the train station and i never like the heat. i'm more of snow person than sunny. not to mention, i was tired yesterday but still manage to dragged myself out to have brunch and followed by a drink at starbucks which later on rained. drinking cold coffee on a rainy day is so not advisable.

i knew i was gonna get sick because i've been going out a lot and i know i won't have time to hang out anymore after i start working.

i also realised that this is not the kind of job i want to do for life. 9 till late isn't very good for health. i really envy ppl who goes home early. those 9-5 kind of jobs! there is always a price to pay for in life i guess. for the money, i need to sacriface my time and health. for love, i sacriface time, money and maybe youth. getting to know someone takes a lot of afford and time. and that is why we all loved and have emotional break downs because we sacrifaced something and it's gone like that. sometimes, i wonder what is the value of money and love. we can't buy love but we can sure buy someone flowers and dinners. money can't buy health but yet we work our arses off just to get by the day, for some ppl that is.

which is shit really. what is the meaning of living if we just work and work, our health gets deteriorated by the day. thank goodness i took almost a year off work just to get to know myself more and may be figure out what's more to life than just working. finding love in nz was totally not part of the plan. i swear. it just found it's way to me.

now i can say i'm back to square one again. i'm back to the emo me. i'm back to the place i hated most. the kind of job i don't see myself working for the rest of my life...and not feeling belonging. may be i just have to have faith in my sister's prayers and next year's impromptu snowboarding trip!!

tonight, i told my sister how much i love her. i hardly say that word for my family. they mean the world to me. so don't say i only give a hoot about girls only. lol :P


summer snow

it's coming to an end for my long holiday break since nov 07. i'll officially start work next tuesday. yeap, i got a job offer and i really intend not to jump aboard anytime soon unless i get way better offer lol. for the last few days, i've been thinking a lot about snowboarding and secretly planning my next trip to LA or Nagano may be sometime next year. since the US visitor visa was a 10 years one why not make full use of it...lol will see which one works out cheaper for me. either way, i just want to ride so badly. and to torment myself even more, i've been watching snowboarding dvds : (
today, i think i totally worned out myself attempting ollie and reverse nollie on skateboard. i swear this is the first time i did so many ollies and reverse nollies. i honestly think the happiest moments of my life is snowboarding (besides love). cos it's always about self-improvements. it's never about competing with others but well, yes sometimes i (we, riders) do cos wanting to ride to the fullest and i remembered day one on the snow mountain clearly like it was yesterday. 1 week before they close the season, i had my eye swollen so badly after a bad crash off one of the kickers. that my friend is progress! i remembered the time when i was scared shitless not being able to go 50-50 on rails or boxes. even my friends whom been riding for many years were surprise about my progress. i was happy with my progress indefinitely!
i'm thinking to get either a small digital camera to replace my old one that not sure why the battery or the charger is not working. or a second hand dslr? i want a light and small camera to carry around but at the same time, i want to try out a dslr. decisions decisions. gah! wish i can have the luxury to have both...