living a hard knock life?

it's the hard knock life for us,
it's the hard knock life for us,
instead of treated we get tricked,
it's the hard knock life!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
life is always about choices,
choices that will affect your life one way or another.


i just finished work, came home & done with shower. omg...i'm so freakin' sleepy + tired. lolz we had a staff meeting this afternoon with the big boss thanking everyone & those behind the scene in winning the awards at the kancil. best part, free booze after the meeting. but i din drink cos most of my colleagues headed back to work. i don't think i should be drinking, otherwise, i can't do work {properly}. i guess somehow i missed my previous agency cos we were tight {cos there's only the few of us}. i kinda miss joking with my colleagues on various stuffs.
there wasn't a proper introduction to the colleagues, prolly cos its too big. i guess its very asian attitude to just be ignorant eventhough they know u'r new there and not walking up to u to intro themselves and shake that hand. {actually i'm like that too sometimes} i remember in my previous co, when my designer colleague just came back from his hol, {meeting me for the first time} he walked into the room and without hesitation, shook my hand and briefly intro himself. dang, i really miss those crazy times in the office. cranking jokes and making fun of *u know who* and watching youtube together hahaha. then again, its maybe bcos of a different culture cos he grew up in the states. i think i prefer it that way. i feel more "home-ly".
anyways, i am quite brain dead now. time to zzz. nite

p/s: its too early to tell if i like the new environment but so far so good. *fingers crossed*!


a smile for me

this morning i got the happiest news ever. i got the job! means i am to start work tomorrow! yea, that soon but i'm tired of bumming at home :P so its a good thing.
finger crossed* for new environment and every challenge that lies ahead!

seems like the sun decides to come out and play after all the gloomy shower of rain!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
p/s: tips for ppl who wanna pay MBPJ's summon. go to the third floor MBPJ building at the "rayuan counter" first before taking the ticket number to pay at the pay counter. they actually do give u discount. do be polite and they might give u more discount than u think :) cheers!
i realized i ask too much of myself.
less expectation equals less disappointment?



the place was so packed i couldn't stand anywhere nearer to the DJ booth. AVB was spinning alright but was a bit disappointed cos it wasn't hard enough for me.

photos *here*


nothing comes close to a father's love. i don't talk much with my dad but i remember he used to read story books to me when i was very young, bring me to library, draw ships to make me happy {cos god knows why i like ships so much in a tender young age}
here's a *link* taken from Belinda C's site. a MUST see! almost make me cry.

gettin' lost is good

i'm gettin' so used of gettin' lost that i actually found new ways & exploring new territories i never been to before. surely not without the help on the mobile from some helpful angels when i desperately in need of directions to get back to where i intended to go.
but one thing peeps, always have ur gas tank full or at least half full...that way, u still have an "insurance" when u are driving all over kl trying to go back to pj {oh that was referring to me hahaha}. and also have ur pockets filled with small changes so u can pay the tolls in case u've been driving around like nuts figuring way of turning back. last resort is to call those nice souls who help u with directions. thanks shaz for always being my imaginary map! lolz i owe u one dei. hehe :P

watcha been doing? may be thats what some of u might ask. i'm in the process of getting into a new job. or least i thought i am. hopefully, the big agency will call me back tomorrow or for me to call the creative head for the status. wish me luck! and i do hope i get into this one. though lower salary but for the sake of my own future career and portfolio, i'll say its a good start. another medium agency actually offer me better salary but....hmm...i was in dilemma thinking whether i should go for the money or career path. money does play a role in making me change my mind but then again, i guess i'm always dreaming of working f
or a big agency. now that {if given the chance to} i do, i guess a small sacriface is nothing. no?

what else have i been doing ar...been prolly going out heaps. catching up with folks i miss. and oh, one resolution before new year; to stay in shape! which means more swimming and exercise so my fugly tummy is no where to be seen! yes, i have a tummy that is so irritating that whenever i sit down, i can actually feel a big lump.

so erm...life is unfair but still, its alright. can't do much for now but bread + butter will make do. love hasn't been kind to me or rather i hasn't been kind to myself. *givin' myself a big warm hug* oh gawd, i miss hugging so badly i can't remember the last time anyone actually hug me...so the next time any of u see me, do reach out and gimme a big warm hug yea? lolz *damn perasan* hahaha

*some things are better left untouch*

thats andrea, my crush in high school that lasted for 3 years. back then i was so shy i couldn't tell her how i felt cos i was pretty much an ugly duckling. i had a nerdy look back then which explain my shy-ness and lack of confident towards the female species. lolz everytime she was near i would just keep so quiet and blushed away like nobody's business, i couldn't uttered a word i swear. but years passed and we are very much ji mui now. she's one of my longest friend ever. 13 years of friendship and counting. {photo was taken when i was lepaking at her condo over the weekend :P }

p/s: whatever we do, i just hope that we are happy. no matter when the ppl u trusted the most or wish they understand u more let u down, deep down, u should know what u are doing and happy doing it. i truly believe that happiness lies in the things we do and make us happy and who we are. if one day nobody believe in u, fear not, as long as u believe in yourself, ain't nobody gonna bring u down. i believe in myself :)


a dose of fergie

this is how i spell yummilicious!


lazy as a lazy does

remember the singapore trip photos i promise u guys...
hehe...again im too lazy to edit and resize the photos
so just click
here, here, here, here & here.


i drown myself in my own expectation . . . .
when u asked me if i left anything in the car, i thought i left my heart with u...

its been 6 years since i really had that feeling of dating somebody.
the presence of a person i can hold, touch, kiss & hug.
i'm so tired of being alone.
being lonely for that matter.
i pray that i'll meet that person soon enough.
now that i really thought about it, its been that long. gawd. time flies.
i want to be loved again.
they say be patient and it will find its way to u.
i've been more than patient.
i hate eating alone.
i hate having no one to accompany.
i hate the thought that not a lot of ppl get me.
the fact that the ones i like never like me more.

bottom line, i'm just tired of being alone.
having said that, i've built a superficial shield for my own protection.
a wall that separates me from the others.

when will that day come when the sky touches the same horizon as the sea?


newly trimmed + colored

thurs 16.11.06:

today, i woke up feeling good and decided to go
for a hair cut.
bare with me cos its gonna be a vain post

i look like a school boy in this pic.

i finally got the side trimmed to the length i've been wanting to {cos my previous hair stylist banned me from cutting it shorter cos according to her, it won't look nice but this sure prove her wrong...ehhe}

oh so la-la :P

oh btw, got my car back today! finally, my ride is home sweet home.


i am back!

did anyone miss me? lolz hehehe ok ok...maybe not :P but i do miss kl :P
one week trip in singapore is more than enough. emo asked me if my wallet has been burning a hole and i replied her that there's more than one hole...lolz :P
been walking most of the time there.
omg, my feet is dying on me cos i walked so much i don't remember owning a car no more. besides having the MRT and buses to go about, i really salute singaporeans as they can really walk. like walk from east to west. ok la, i'm exaggerating only. hehe

anyways, i just reached home and tired. photos will be up soon. be patient.


gimme a peace of mind pls

a break from some freelance work.
{my head is playing me cos i can't stop thinking of u}

gonna postpone the trip to fri
. due to some matters to settle.
apparently, there's some art & design exhibition going on the weekend in sg {reason being y i'm there}
check it out - www.singaporebiennale.org / www.noisesingapore.com
was blog hoppin' & come about this singer at sherve's. so i youtube!
lily allen's smile is really catchy! :) i find the lyrics quite cynical :P in a way. but then again, its just a song.

love her wicked accent :P

dreaming to live

finally got my lazy ass to bring my car to the service centre for check-up. kononnya, i almost hit jennifur's neo last week. i think ivan got a taste of the scary-ness! {cos my brake is totally tak boleh harap!}
oh! did i mention the toyota service centre in pj is huge and the place smell like a brand new airplane. almost feels like u'r sitting inside a new boeing 777 or 747...or whatever...lol {like flying first class dei}.
every now and then, they have ppl coming up to u asking if u would like to have any drinks or snacks. wah, macam emperor i tell u *kembang* heheh but i din order anything cos i'm not much of a coffee person.
anyways, i left my car there and the guy who is in charge told me he will give me a call when they've fixed or found out whats wrong with my car, apart from the useless braking system or should i say tak ada brake langsung...
its strange they didn't call me after i left many hours later. i wonder if they really check my car or not. anyhow, i'm gonna give them a call to check on my baby tomorrow.
met up with the gecko, walked around in klcc today and had lunch with joan and her colleagues. and we sort of went on about how it was like before the blog became a thing! there was irc way way before icq, msn and now the blog. yea, one of her colleague was the founder of the channel #mamak back in the good old irc days! omg. internet has sure came a long way! that my friend is called evolution! :P ok ok...i'm so full of myself...ehhehe bare with me la cos i won't be around starting thursday cos i'll be out of the country! sound very cool rite? hehe...actually i'm just going next door neighbour only, singapore. it will be a week long break for me to get away and maybe relax a bit. god knows how much i long for a vacation.

p/s: dei, no more walking from klcc to sungei wang! my feet is killing me softly! oh, i'll try snap some sushi for u in sg! lolz
ppl: go watch flushed away! the damn so hai singing snails...damn funny wei! ok...that was random...go watch!

*to dream is to be able to wake up in reality* - dare to dream the impossible


according to my former colleague A, he said i struggle very hard so that ppl might like me. i think somehow its true. i do want ppl to like me. who doesn't want people to like them? raise ur hands! hehe
anyways, its just some thought thats been bugging me in my head for some time now. its all good. its all good.

if i can't be the people's people. i am just fine being me! no matter how much i might change, i am still me.
p/s: pls accept me for me? hehe



photos click here!

fine...i'm still lazy to edit the photos...maybe come back in another few days, the photos might be up!
pray harder ar...lolz :P