koishiiku narudarou...

3 months has passed so fast and yet i am nothing but happy. i enjoyed every bit of the time together. the last 2 weeks was almost endless euphoria. it is the happiest time of my life in nz and also 28 years of my life. u gave me so much love i don't know how to return. i already started to miss u. i will not say goodbye da kedo mata rainen, nihon ikitai, matteyo non chan.


i'm on top of the world now. {Coronet Peak}

we arrived in Te Anau today. will be heading for Milford Sound tomorrow. Queenstown and Wanaka was super! the snow was slushy but good fun with my mates. good snowboarders. i hope i will be one by the end of the season. i have a feeling this will be my first and last season. now i'm doing more tricks and moves that i have never thought i could. it's really living a dream. i am thankful for everything that i'm doing and living right now. decent job, good boss, good friends and a newly found love.

hontoni arigato gozaimashita!


last night a pro snowboarder friend asked me a question. "calvin, ima tanoshi desuka?" my answer was, "ima shiawase desu!"

in my mind, i want this moment to stay like this forever. i found myself more in love with you everyday.
honmani okini. honki desu.

tomorrow i will be on the road again. this time, i'll be heading to queenstown, wanaka, probably stopping by lake tekapo, milford sound again. it's going to be a snowboarding trip and as well as sight seeing trip. although i've been to these places, it's going to be different because i'm going with you and two other best mates. i know it's going to be awesome because i'm riding with the best nihon riders.

ashita wa tanoshimi.

much love,
anata ga tomodachi.