home is really hot. i know it has always been, just that whenever i return home from somewhere cold, my body can't adjust to the temperature in a short period of time. just like the time when i came back from korea at -5 celcius and to the humidity of malaysia. kinda miss the cold weather of nz now.

almost 2 days of flying, transits (feel like endless) are making me very tired. the sky in wellington and auckland were fired up with fireworks when i was flying from Christchurch. it was fireworks week in nz and really cool because it was something i never seen before from another view. too bad my camera broke down like months ago. otherwise i would have share this kodak moment with u all.

i guess travelling really teaches me something. that one ought to be humble. that life is fragile and cultural differences are unique and we sometimes take them for granted.

this is one of the life invaluable experience i would not trade for anything. i am also glad to be home. once all charged up, i will take another journey to another land. next stop, nihon!!?


this is not goodbye

i am finally going home. at last!

i probably be questioned at the airport by immigration why didn't i leave the country since my visa has been expired since august. well. i don't blame them because i filed for a work permit and it says on the paper they will process the whole thing within 60 days but sadly it has took them longer than that so i requested for my passport to be sent back! and u know what? it took them another 2 weeks to get it back to me after many phone calls and emails/faxes!

anyway, i finally got my air tickets all sorted out. i'm flying off from christchurch to auckland next wednesday! and few hours sleep at auckland airport as my flight leaving from auckland - brisbane - brunei - kuching is 5.30am in the morning. and i will probably have half day in brunei as my that was the only connecting flight available. it's gonna be a tiring trip home.

it's ironic i'm not looking forward to go back just yet when i have been procrastinating the urge to go home so badly since the last few months. part of me is nervous about the fact that money is a big problem for me now. i am short of time. i need to save heaps before i can see her and realised our dream. where should i start? i need a proper visa if i want to go there. so many questions in my head. wanting to go and knowing how is totally two different thing altogther. do i have enough time to master the language barrier in such a short time? everything seems muzukashi at times. the gf says i should try. i should give it a try before giving up any hopes, shouldn't i?

i'm still in the mist of a mix feeling. i am really going home this time! wow. no more snowboarding for some time now. i'll really miss this sport! but i am very enthusiastic about getting back on skateboarding again! just to practice my balance and get in shape if i ever going to ride the snow in the near future!

i will definitely miss all my friends i met here and kind hearts that lend me their helps during this trip. i really can't believe that i will be stepping on the plane home in 4 days!

jya mata ne the land of the long white cloud!