to the girl

happiness is when u see two people loving each other unconditionally.
i'm so happy for u.
u know who u r.
and remember to invite me to your wedding ok? hehe = )

p/s: u'r not fat. u look great ok! xoxo
transformers was awesome! despite the guy who was sitting next to me keep talking to himself! gah! i so wanted to strangle him in my mind. oh shut up! damn annoying i tell u...mcb... potong stim kao kao! maybe i'll go watch a second round for the love of it. why u should watch? because megan fox is HOT HOT HOT! and the autobots really kick ass!
edited: remember the gold necklace i thought i lost it some time ago? i found it in my other pair of levi's...sometimes i just amazed myself! lolz


yes i'm back! oh i miss home already :(
pretty much de-stressed myself at the comfort of my own home.
i guess some things just won't change no matter how long it takes.
do i have to work already? wu wu wu...
next hol should be somewhere in sept or oct. *fingers crossed*
i can't be arsed to blog about my trip in kch so i'll leave u with some photos. = )


harlo kch!

it does feels good to go home. somehow, to a familiar place but still stucked in the same situation? do i make sense? sis will be outstationed. parents are working which leave me alone at home : ( was informed by my friends in kch that two of our classmates are getting married {yes they'r marrying each others}. woah...everyone getting married, i hate to come to term that this will be my last few years of my twenties but rather looking forward to see what the future has in store for me.
anyways, i'll be indulging myself in food! hopefully i get to eat as much as i can before i come back to this concrete jungle.
haha...i don't mind putting on a few pounds for the love of hometown food where i don't think i can't get it anywhere else in the world {even if they do, they won't taste as good and as original as the one in kch} : ) *woot* and also to meet up with close friends and familiar faces! hopefully i get to see my friend's baby daughter this time! awww...so little time, so many things to accomplish! hehe
so i'll see u guys real soon! happy holidays to me! buahahahaha = )


yeap! internet is back at home! but only till end of the month so either i stick with no net but i'll get my lazy ass to apply a new phone line and the net. clever me sprained my neck last night while trying to get some sweats shooting hoops at the basketball court in front of my house. now it hurt like a bitch! :P lost my gold necklace 2 days ago. it broke while i was driving so i put it in my pocket. i guess i must have dropped it while reaching for my car key in my pocket after dinner at SS2. haha...i don't know if i've been tagged with a series of mishaps but i'm flying home next wednesday! it would be 5 days off for me. sort of like a short break for myself since my bangkok and phuket trip was cancelled due to some unforeseen circumstances.

i went to catch the premiere for Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer last night. must say its better than Spiderman 3. its just my personal preference of the movie special effects and storyline though it was a short 1 hour plus movie. go watch k! hehe silver surfer is really cool!! :P :P i want his surf board!!

Transformers is next on my list! can't wait. 2 more weeks to go! its premiering on the 28th of June on GSC! woot*


UV Nation@One U

pix from UV Nation here!
ivan has a new song, quite catchy = )


embracing love

over the years i've met quite a variety of girls.
there are the ones that;
don't wish to date u but insist on a date with u but never return the calls.
goes bizzerd on the first date.
make me felt like we have known each other from our past life.
make me feel loved and make me want to be a better man. (not that i'm not :P)
make me missed her so badly and wanted to walk up to her house just to have a glimpse of her.
make me felt gaga in bed.
bitches about their best friends.
tell others that u were her guy and u have to find out from others lolz.
wants expensive dinners.
flirts around when u'r not around her.
flirts around when u'r with her.
make u her shelter from the storm.
wants more than u can offer.
well, it really doesn't matter which kind of girl u are bcos personally by the end of the day, we all look for someone who is compatible with us. someone whom is there for us through thick and thin. everytime i get disappointed by these girls and myself, i get wary. deep down i know there is someone who is meant for us. i always tell myself, giving up is easier but i'm ain't quitting till i find u! its a process of self learning. getting to know myself more and the other person. its long and tiring but its worth the try. nobody says its gonna be easy. its the same for everything in life. if we fall, get up and face the world again. u know what is harder? never to give yourself a chance. regretting that "i should have" this and that.
they say life's journey only begins at 40. i think mine started a bit wee earlier :P lolz


i am internet-less

yes, i am internet-less again at home. one of my housemates moved out and took with him the modem and router. great! there goes my only 2 entertainment at home. thank goodness, there is still a tv to soothe my boredom. its been a gloomy morning, cloudy sky hovering above me as i was walking to the office this morning. kinda reminds me of perth's autumn - somewhat windy, rains a bit every now and then. oh memories! :P :P how i love spring when i see flowers blooming from the ground. there's always the tiny sunflowers at the corner of the hostel compound. sometimes its those insignificant moments that makes life worthwhile. moments!


rest is all i crave for now

short attention spam i have. like super short. i'll dozed off within a sec if i'm not interested at that particular topic or conversation or even a show on tv.
anyways, Ivan is having a gig at laundry bar tomorrow or shall i say later? 3pm. come and support! :)
been listening to Lisa Ono so much i'm in goodie goodie mood :)
i haven't been saying this for some time now so...
do have a nice sunday yo!