in less than an hour...i'm turning 27. i don't particularly feel happy or too excited. actually i'm feeling the opposite. cos sadly i wish someone was here to celebrate with me. maybe someone special. what talking me? lol i don't even have one. i just wish love will find its way back to me someday. oneday. today. bah! i'm feeling washed up hahaha wish me happy birthday la! rofl :P

p/s: i'm glad through this 27 years, my family is (still) behind me. those who helped me along the way. supports, advices and never-ending shower of love. thank u so much ppl!


a note of love

do make time and go watch this movie! hehe i'm so pimping my homeboy. actually linus, the director for this film is my childhood neighbour from kuching who plays michael jackson songs at 6 in the morning during school days lolz.
i'm so gonna go watch soon! when i make time from my crazy workloads i've been buzying about. u can read about his new movie here->/http://anoteoflove.blogspot.com/
here's a trailer of the movie.



work has been crazy since i got back. has been staying back pretty late for the past few days. i got home at 4am yesterday. yes. sorry i don't even have time for anything anymore. sadly, this weekend is gonna be "camping in the O" which means no weekend for me. no resting = (
this means i'm not gonna blog about the trip. anyways, here's the pix from the trip!

p/s: i feel like i'm aging faster than i already am. that's a bad sign right? plus bday is coming next week. sigh, i just don't feel like doing anything. (the truth is i hate celebrating bday, my own that is. it reminds me that i'm not younger by the day). all i want is some good rest!


just came back from cameron highlands with my folks. the weather is soooo freaking nice i don't feel like coming back to this hot mundane city... :P will update later. what i need now is a good night sleep!



my super car died on me again. this time the battery went flat. dang! left the car at the petrol station which it did not want to start after i gave her a full tank. so left that nasty car there and walk 30 mins home. swt...haven't walk so much since college/uni days.
*edited: replaced the flat battery the next day (which was a rip off because they bloody overcharge me for a normal battery). sadly, things didn't go too smooth one day later. while driving to work, the battery icon kept flashing on my dashboard. went to have the car checked and was told the alternator which is a piece of device that connects power from the battery to all parts of the car is spoiled. guess how much i spent on total? lol...i'm quite broke now (its a big blow to my wallet). had my car horns changed too! bmw horns dei. its really loud! trust me *evil grins*

oh, went to watch jay chou's secret. it was a random decision. luckily the movie turn out not too bad cos i saw the trailer not long ago and i thought it didn't pass my "yes i must watch" points. not gonna be spoiler but do catch it if your really into romance and that kinda shit. its goooood! trust me. = ) plenty of laughs, romantic moments and jay showing off his piano skills. i'll say its a must watch for romantic fools! hee hee


i dont remember if i post this video before but do give me a HUG the next time u see me.


slick...innit? *click*