apparently, mother is in kl for meeting today, there i was in the morning, thinking where should i bring her after work....guess what? she's sound asleep on my bed now -______-!!! so much for worrying. but i guess its off to ikea to jalan-jalan and shop for stools tomorrow. so yeah! mother is in town.

p/s: i still having cough & flu despite feeling much better from the fever craze last week.


you and i both

was checking out jason mraz site and accidentally found out that I really like this song some years back. does feel good to hear the things u love to hear again. btw, i like his polaroid collections : )

quoted this from his journal:
"...I came to row my boat gently down the stream, merrily. And learn that Life is but a dream.
So what about being single? I guess I’m no longer single. I am everyone.
I hope this finds you well this Valentine’s Day. I appreciate not what you do. I appreciate what you are."

i thought it was sweet and i wanna share this with u all.
more of jason mraz here!


i'm officially sick




what is wrong with the world today?

wad doing my daily read on yahoo and the headline reads 32 killed in Virginia Tech rampage? this is crazy!
read here!


i wondered what i'll do without u...


home, do u miss me?

work has been crazy but i managed to squeeze in some time to watch tmnt yesterday nite. it was awesome, well, at least that's what i think. the CGI is super! :P go watch k...(though i get called by my friends for watching a "kiddie" movie. well, for those of u who grew up with tmnt...u know how it feels like right? kids of the 80s should know what i mean.

on a contrary...i miss home badly. the presence of my parents, my annoying sis (but i love her), home cook, the smell of new paint of the house, bumming around not doing anything but relaxing is all i need. a short break. :(


hello vibrator!

apparently, u can now listen to your fave song while u'r at it...lolz :P
click here for more info.


ain't no sunshine when she's gone . . .

ain't no sunshine by bill withers. (the drummer guy damn hip yo! afro hair rox!! lolz hehe)
a cover version of eva cassidy's ain't no sunshine.


this is my alter ego speaking

i'm tired of life. awaiting a miracle? not sure.
they say good things will come to those with patience...(really?) but that's what i always try to convince myself and others to believe in. how can something that i'm not even sure and put to use on others? may be i need a little more faith in myself.
life has been a-ok. nothing fancy. work is hectic. try to cramp in exercise on my weekends. i swim twice a week (don't think its enough tho). no more basketball since the lebron shoes died on me ages ago :P i'm trying to get rid of my tummy. (yes, i have a flabby now, a small one that is...) u can help me by not asking me to go supper or offer me food others than breakfast, lunch and dinner...lolz (yes, i'm quite lame and u can't see my tummy doesn't mean its not there...lol)
how's the love life some might ask. its getting there...(so i try to convince no one but myself :P)
sometimes i really do think i'll walk down this life alone. will be expecting baby sister marrying before i do (soon). seeing heaps of other friends tying knots already (its no longer a taboo).
i guess life has been fair. fair in the sense that my family is doing ok. they are all healthy. i wish for nothing but to see my family happy and healthy. yes, probably i might add one more wish, to have someone walking alongside sharing every possible notions of feelings, be it good or bad (that will come in time, that's what the old n wise might add). but the question always comes to one, "when"? do u have the answer? may be she is already there. i believe there are ppl who are willing to stand alongside us. but the question now is, am i willing to open up? sadly, no. i don't open up to ppl easily.
u want my trust, u need to earn it. no easy way in (unless u can cook well, jk...that was me speaking, not my alter ego).
i try to not let my disappointments of the past overshadow my judgements...(and so i try even harder to convince this person i've been living with for the past 26 years and going).
and so i called out..."are u out there my love?" my searching soul...i'm still awaiting your returning.

reaching out for happiness (do come home soon...i do miss u dearly). every steps and breathe i take.