some gals can be so fickle minded.
they want it but they don't say it.
they go round and round.
or sudden stops.
whatever fancy.
thats not the point i'm trying to make.

i guess u deserve a place in me afterall
u'll always be a part of me.


awaiting love

The Lake House is a MUST watch!!

pls pls go watch with ur gf or anyone u wish to cuddle and romance with!
its so good i heard cries in cinema! yes, its that touching!

i almost teared in one part. bugger! :P

ain't gonna be no spoiler this time. just go watch! hehe

signing off,
helpless romantic


according to malibu princess,
may be what i want is to feel that moment of tenderness again.


ada apa dengan cinta

u know that part where they say it will never go away till u found a new one?
well, they lied.
and after some deep talk with u-know-who-u-r.
it wasn't fair or right to replace that love.
with a new person that is.
it never was to begin.
whoever thought so and begin to preach must be a fcuking tart!
aww....so so wrong!
how can u forget that love?
u don't.
u just have to wait and see.
till it dried up.
like the petal of a rose.
what if it never
dried up?
then u just have to learn to embrace it.
the only valentine i ever celebrated was during my 20 yr old. she was 16.
we were deeply in love and god knows what love is back then.
must be puppy.
thinking back...we don't really connect and we argued a lot
but still both sides love each other like jack and rose.
is it that when u care for a person too much,
u tend to argue a lot with them.
even if u don't, u will find little things just to upset them.
so u will feel better about urself?
maybe just to reconfirm that they do care and love u?
or thats just me.
what do i know
i'm just a ordinary love fool
like each and every fool out there wishing to be loved.

what is courtesy?

freaking blogger was down last nite when i have the need to blog.
i was so pei last nite. was reading vie's entry on PCD concert. she was trying to sell off her ticket and i thought its free...talk about blurness. the PussyCatDolls r throwing a concert at sunway lagoon tomorrow. not really a big fan of them but was hoping to get it for someone *wink*
still wanna apologise for that bit though. sorry vie!
the moral of the story is...
when ur body is tired, obey it. go rest.
don't keep on reading and skipped the headlines! lolz

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
i was quite pissed yesterday while taking the LRT home. guess what. the train broke down again. this is my third encounter of the situation. break down so often it makes u think malaysian train really suck balls! when the train is not moving at all, u get crazy ppl squeezing their way into the train like nobody's business. there was this guy who stand in front of me...and what i was pissed off was that his hand kept making contacts with my *johnny* and that wasn't pleasant man. fcuk! and when i was suppose to get off at the station, i said *excuse me*....and to no appeal....he didn't like wanna move at all...asshole. what pisses me even more is at every stops, he was standing next to the exit door but can't him at least have the courtesy to go out first, so can let the ppl inside go out then step inside. but no, he was standing there like he owns the spot. ma lou! fcuking no brainer!
i hate taking public transport! the worst one is where u start to smell fishy body odors....sei mei? sigh

ok....thats enough brain damage for reading. sry.


oh, i cut my hair few days ago...
oh fcuk! i think i put on weight. i think i have! -___- {welcome to the vain side of me}
and here r some photos from fri nite. *click*
suppose to be phoebe's post bday celebration.

have a nice rest tomorrow yo!
its sunday, go out and have fun or chill at home :)

p/s: do u even miss me? *shrugs even more*


too little words,
seem unknown.
when tried,
it provokes.
to be or not to be,
that is the question.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
is that why they say men r from mars,
women r from venus?



RWMF - Day 3 (finale)

heaps of ppl at the percussion workshop.

i have learnt that its not a good idea to drink in a tropical country when u have summer all year long. {especially when its freaking hawwwwtttt}
- Tuak (rice wine) brought by grace {joe's friend}.

dinner by the seaside. Buntal {a small fishing village} near Damai Beach.

sally taking pix of...

jackie & ann.

my reflection on my aviator.

bilin, a fern leaves only found in Sarawak. damn nice when stirred fried with wine, belacan or sambal. {5/5 stars}

fried tiger prawns in salt. {3/5 stars}
sorry, i'm not a big fan of prawns.

deep dried kampung chicken {3.5/5 stars}
it ain't that nice like normal chicken...cos i was practically chewing the meat like chewing gums ;P

with jackie~

the groupie

the monkey

everyone was chillin'....

KILEMA from Madagascar performing.

enjoying the moment

the drunkass

ok...fine, i took my shirt off and blend in with ang moh culture. whatever. it was damn hot ok?

finale, every group came on stage to for last performance!

one of few pix from the gal.

the only memory that lasted for three fcking hot days {the lousiest time of my life, 10q!}

p/s: rene, i noticed i don't have a freaking single pic with u at the RWMF...wth o__0
i shall no longer be your burden,
let it be just a memory in the wind.
i shall forever miss that sweet gentle voice,
and those long warm hugs like nobody can.
angel pls guard me to sleep tonight.,
as u did the nights a time ago.
hope this time it won't be too long,
for i shall see another sunrise,
or even a rainbow sky.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -
i burried myself in my pride,
so i won't be hurt by my thoughts.
u were once like that,
how can i not see it clearer?
my hope and dream?
maybe this time its better kept unawaken.
for a better time and place for us to be.


RWMF - Day 2

it was hot, and we got up around 12 noon to get ready, have brunch and prepare for the 2pm workshop at cultural village. irene totally crashed out till evening i think cos she was too whacked the night before :P so joe, gan, arthur and i headed for the workshop.

remember i used to walk those bridge for fun when i visited the cultural village long long time ago.

on our way to the dewan lagenda where the percussion workshop will be held.

the venue for the night event.

finally we reached dewan lagenda.

the percussion workshop.

Karin Stein & Edgar East from Latin America performing.

orang ulu staircase, dare to walk?

the wind instruments from all over in the iban longhouse.

the bollywood bhangra got the audiences shakin' and movin'!

the night event don't start until 7.30pm so we bummed around...
{its strange i don't have any photos of irene, joe, gan and the others i came with. but i have heaps of photos of other groups of friends i met there...hmm}
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

dancing under the moon.

i think thats the mongolian group performing.

joyce and sharon in a conver.

i think i had too much to drink...and brandon looking on.
{i'm not a good drinker...tee hee}

the malaysian dhol federation - do the bollywood bhangra!

peatbog faeries from scotland.

i just got news they gonna increase the price for RWMF next year :(
i've come to the term that i am no longer become available to the present.
i want a peace of mind.
and stop judging me for judging u.
holding hostage of oneself will only seize when the warfare stop.
don't want it to be personal but its has.
what i not need now is opinions.
and don't need no validation.
your opinions do not validate your actions.
words are cheap.
u've demolished our foundation.
all i hear is lies.
and fake hopes.
u no longer worthy of my trust.

it ain't that serious as it seems but who i am kidding myself?

i always believe the only way out is through confrontation.
how can you fight when your inner men is dying.
when logical and rational is not in her blood?
or ppl lose their will to think when provoked?
the true healing is from the inside.
but we were told to heal {protect our inner men} from the outside.
thats superficial.
a temporary solution to resolve nothing {an epitome; shopping - non related with the topic}
your way, my way, i don't really care. i just want a way out.

i used to be chatty and all that shit.
nowadays, i'm really quiet. i am no longer whom i used to be. i am not sociable and i don't wanna be sociable.
may be its these stubborn little things that annouys the shit outta ppl and myself.
bottomline, i just wanna be loved, jolly and sociable again. {yes, i am very good at contradicting myself}
i've been told to get socialize, join some group activities, meet new friends. get out of my shithole.
but i am wary. i don't feel like going out of my comfort zone.
i don't like where i am now but i don't feel like moving as well. u get what i'm saying?

ok, this post was suppose to vend out my angst.
why do i even bother.


RWMF - Day 1

i'm pretty sure a lot of ppl have been blogging bout this event. anyways, i am still gonna share my photos with u lucky ppl. oh, almost half the photos i took were blur. grrr
we stayed at camp permai {thanks to irene!} for three hot days. yes, kuching was having a heat wave. like really REALLY HOT!! BURNING HOT BABY o_O

yea, we bought heaps of tickets for the three days event. but eventually we only bought for two days.

it was pouring on the first day of RWMF. jenny {irene's baby sister} got me in for free, thx! as irene and the rest didn't manage to get in on the first day, i hang out with brandon & some old friends whom haven't met in ages.

the crowds.

not sure what's the name of this group but they were working the crowds!

shaz + brandon {he just create a new blog acc, remind me again dude!}
oh, sharon's latest single is out, have a listen!

he is always drunk.

the person i owe my RWMF day 1 to, Jenny!

yc, was nice meeting u for the first time!

beers to help me get thru the night. apparently the music wasn't like hard dance or r&b or jazz for that matter...so alcohol really helps to get me in the mood.

rays of lights {error works wonder at times}

jackie the SIA stewardess!

jen trying to be cam shy.

that's all for now...to be continued!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
edited: there's this ang moh fella maybe too high or too happy god knows what he was thinking running naked with his pants down and shirtless, security guards were holding him mad as he kept pushing his pants down...i was too stunned to take any pic of that. and when i wanted to...i felt disgusted...