its fireworks and family reunion yo!

i'll be away for a week plus of holiday starting tomorrow & will be flying home for cny. broadband is not available at home cos my family doesn't believe in the usage of internet :P lolz jk *they use 'em in the office la...plus both my parents are internet savvy.

anyhoo, happy chinese new year yo! gong xi fatt chai. gong hei fatt choi! for those who drive home for celebration, drive carefully. for those who got big fat juicy ang pao(s), spend 'em wisely! :P don't over-eat cos it might not be a good ordeal haha : )


everyday is valentine's day, no?

the ironic thing is, i had my bouquet of roses booked three weeks in advance only to find out few days before valentine's...my girl is not the one i seek. more importantly, it was an alright to no-no situation. funny how some things turn out to be in reality. i say reality sucks! guess life is not always nice and spice as it seems.

during lunch today, i saw my colleague's roses nicer than the ones i bought *not to mention my wrapping was "not-so-pretty" and its left a big hole in my wallet.

i also want flowersss and where is my emo girl??? lolz :p

on a brighter note, happy valentine's day ppl!

p/s: its okay to be single because we are just too fabulous for them to admit we are too darn good to be true! kakaka *u know i'm not dissing anyone here and partly i'm just trying to make myself feel better...lolz :P cheers!


sometimes, life is nothing but disappointments.
they say there will come a time where rainbow skies fill the open canvas and starry nights unfold the vast universe.

i long for that day.
it seems like forever...
taking forever to come,
that is.



this is so true



sometimes our problems or worries are merely a zit compared to other people's issues.

guess i'll be missing out on the bbm tomorrow. i got a phone call from a long lost friend and also newly wedd whose stopping by kl for visa before flying to london for good. anyways, i'll be seeing her and the husband tomorrow and maybe a food galore too. haha who knows!

so u guys have fun at the bbm k and have a wonderful weekend!