50 ringgit bye bye!


i kena saman!
must be first day luck at work! gah!
hmm, then again its my own fault. who ask me parked my car under the tree opposite my work place? {no yellow lines ler....cb one...} sigh

first day at work...not too bad.

i arrived 40 mins early. had breakfast at a chinese coffee shop nearby. breakfast was pan mee soup. after breakie, i waited for my colleagues to come cos the place was locked. waited for more than 30mins...nobody come also...talk bout malaysian working hours. 9.20am edi but still no sign of a single soul. then i smsed my CD. so chun he only arrived. so he opened up the locks and later started to brief me about all the projects they've been doing for the past months.

not much work to do today. but coming up with ideas for one of the brief was tough! i sketched out quite a few thumbnails and the weird thing is, the fulgy ones got chosen...this i don't get. with the chosen thumbnails, i was looking into deep *space* cos i blardy dunno how to modify it or make the logo better...fuhs...whole day spent on doing that. looking into the screen, back to thumbnails on papers and clicking on my mac. bah!

had lunch with two colleagues. one of the guy is in charged of production and printing. he's quite nice and chatty. another female colleague which i must mention is quite *chun* is in charge of the media planning.

overall, it was not so bad for a start. though i am the only designer at the moment. one of the senior is away on vacation! another one kena deep fried. that one i don't know the reason and i won't want to know, was told by my manager when i asked about the other two designers...

merdeka eve tomorrow wei....any plans? lolz
ok la...wanna take a rest. chow


guess what?

i'm officially employed! woot woot *throw ur hands in air & wave it like u just don't care*

hehe...i start work tomorrow! no more late nites for me *shrugs*
i attempted to sleep early last nite but it din work well for me :( i was turning and tossing so much and the blardy mosqitoes kept attacking me...i ended up chit chatting on msn and goofing around till 4am.

mum is flying back today. wanted to inform her bout the good news but can't get thru her phone.
most importantly! I AM NO MORE A BUMMER! LOL :P YAY!

i feel so relief. the heavy chain is off my neck for now. i was thinking how am i gonna survive with no income. hands out asking for moolah is never my kind of thing.

ok la...wish me luck at work tomorrow! adios


I want a normal life

mommy dearest is in town.

i guess i've been bumming around a lot lately. despite having to go for interviews, late nite yum chars and goin outs. i am living an unhealthy lifestyle. when ppl go work, i sleep. when ppl sleep, i go out or stay awake. even if i'm free at home, i'm so reluctant to edit the photos and post up photos of stuffs i've been doing. i am tht lazy. yes i am!
whats new? nothing. late nite sleeps and dinner becomes breakfast. and breakfast has been fastforward to late brunch. its really that bad. gah!

anyways, i'm getting ready to go out again. so happy weekend!


i found my house!

thx to irene...i've spent the hot afternoon searching for my house in kuching. i found it less than 5 mins *woot*

u know wad? my house in pj was covered by some unidentify clouds...bah! not gonna post that one...hehe so how was the weekend ppl?


frankly, i'm quite disturbed now. i just got a forward mail from a fren. its not just any forward mail. attached to the mail are photos of a couple making out and some random nude scenes and u-know-what-u-do-when-ur-in-love-sorta-thing. i'm not saying its wrong to take action photos but what i'm concern here is the fact that how did it get out of hands. it was a gal i used to like back in college. now my mind is swamped with images of after effects after which eve ate the forbidden fruit.
for that my fren called her a slut. i mean, is it wrong for us to sleep with the person we like/love? i don't see any point of names calling for that. every single individual has their likings or ways of doing things. some ppl want it private. some ppl do for keepsakes.

u should have been more careful...


say hi to my new baby!

finally, i've got myself a new pair of shoes last sat. my nike air zoom generation low lebron james has served me well. needless to say, it has been glued and re-glued over and over again...till the cracks get bigger & bigger!
i don't mind a runner cos i used to jog a lot. was thinknig somewhere along the line of basketball but scratch that! {i actually prefer all white but its so difficult to get a all white shoes in malaysia} thx to mimi for the discount vouchers! i get RM50 off the crazy priced shoes! introducing
nike air max rival II

all that for RM329 before discount

blardy random wei

u know wad? i miss blogging already. fuhs! anywys, updates updates. i'm feeling lazy and tired cos of the long weekends. been out so much i can't even recognise my own face in the mirror no more. i've been a slave to my social life. not that i'm complaining but i love my own space more :P ok...i am whining...bare with me!

i've just got sick. runny nose, sorethroat, cough, feverish and gastric {clever me skipped breakfast and had really late lunch...oh so smart, and to repeat the painful episode of gastric pain is severely unintentional, rite} i think its the hot weather. and driving around in the hot sun gives me shit! and the night before i had fried tofu, rojak and popiah...guess i din drink enough water. {which contribute to the latter effects}

ok...photos from last week outing will be up soon...<---
can see ar? i'm lazy to edit and upload la...anyways, tonite i finally had some private time alone and played around with my new toy. actually its not new. its my dad's. mum have it flew over! {mum is always the best! hehe hope she enjoyed her trip in bangkok...which reminds me to give her a call 2moro or so}

i present to u my new mini tv. the screen is the size of a standard wallet.

guess who was on tv, woot! :P

whats me been up to? bz going for interviews...and erm...i dunno if i'm getting any offers yet...just waiting to see. and meantime, i'll still be applying for more! definitely. {random note: now i recall why i got sick. i was sitting under the air cond blowing directly at me while waiting for my turn for interview today...oh how wise of me...like i can escape that...bah!}

oh oh...today my housemate smsed me and asked me to go for casting. the client is Maxis 3G phone. superb rite?? hehe i din know what to expect and i was thinking ok la....maybe they need extras...
when i got there, she told me i wasn't casting for extra...i was there for the lead talent...OMFG! i swear i freaked out at the spot...*first timer bah....acting skill sux kao kao* dont think they will hire me anyways...but finger crossed! if i get selected! i'll be on MAXIS ADS!!! WOOT!~ ok ok...calm down now...

k, thats all for now...back to rest. the sick man needs some time of his own and rest. guess i'll be missing the pasta and laundry or ruums or wadever shit this week...till den tata!


i'll be on hiatus til further notice...

p/s: {don't miss me too much}


leak leak burst!

damn drama lo yesterday...
was taking a dump before going for the interview and when i was turning on the tap for the shower head {yeah i use water to wash, dont like toilet papers} :P
...guess what? the pipe that sambung to the shower head burst!!
i got wet, my hair got wet....it was basically like end of the world man!
kononnya, the pipe is broken...i tried glueing it back afterwards at night but it didn't work. my housemate's mum wasn't convinced and she was in my bathroom glueing it for quite same time.
its an old house. everything is like gonna break anytime...lol seriously man! {ok la, i exeggerate a bit...maybe it applies to my bathroom only...damn sueh ok}
the first week i moved in, the toilet flush thingie...broke. then days later, underneath the sink, the pipe also broke....after two months the pipe that links to the shower head was leaking...
now the pipe burst! whats next?
my housemate's mum tried glueing it again and turn on the main paip....water fountain in my bathroom la! :P sei meh? hehe...
on a different note, i know some of u guys are erm...concern/curious bout my job search and interviews. but the thing is pls stop asking me, its a lil pressured to answer. if i have good news, i will sure to share with u guys. every now and then, i get the question, how u want me to answer? i also dunno rite? its up to them who wanna employ me or not? if i say i might get it, then after awhile...i get replies like oh, u were short listed or we had hired someone else cos of the salary not cos of the skills... yea so forth...but u get wad i mean right? just chill man chill~ :P im worried enough not knowing when i can work again.

anyhow, i'm going Laundry tonight so i'll see u guys there!

p/s: i just got a call for interview 2moro, wish me luck! another one on monday! *finger crossed* and pray hard lol :P



let me know if anyone is going this coming thursday!


weekend getaway @ genting

more pix here *click*


why do the ones that we care most always hurt us the most.
i know some of u might say that cos we let them.
for i really do care, therefore the pain.
its ironic how it clashes a lot.
ideals, opinions, judgements, all of which coherent.
or is it that my fate? wrong timing?
blah! severe case of tiredness from long weekend enjoyment.
yea wth rite?
k chow now, must've bore u with my entry
can die reading dot com rite?


every beat of my heart - corrinne may

so here we stand
anchored in hope
letting the rain wash away every fear

stars in the sky
twinkle and shine
i pray they wont disappear

'cause I dont know
where your journey goes
or how long it takes to unfold
but as long as we keep this moment shining in the dark
i will be watching over every beat of your heart

i wish that time
could be replayed
i'd keep you here with me everyday

they say that love is letting go
i hope that you find your way

'cause i dont know
where your journey goes
or how long it will take to unfold
but as long as we keep this moment shining in the dark
i know you're watching over every beat of my heart


what's wrong in the display pix?

i know its *almost* similar to smashpop post...but i was chatting with jen two nights ago. and i realised the position of our photos in msn messenger were hmm...*in place* lolz :P


bloggers' meet v2

today marks the first day of bumming. i'm officially jobless. yea. u heard me. being unemployed is not fun. seriously, i can't help it knowing no income for this month and the following to come :(
it was fun and frust working for my former company for a year. but sometimes u just needed to go and see better things and improvement in life. if u don't grow. u'r dead!

moving along...
the first
meet was awesome. and now the second at klcc burger ki
ng. a section was specially booked for us! holla to yee hou & jolene for organizing this fantastic meet!
pls bare with me cos i'm not putting up the links...u ask y? i'm sure by now everyone has everyone elses links :P ya ya ya, u'r right. i'm just lazy.

calv + jolene who was responsible for the bloggers get together!

calvin tay + cheryl + jed(in the background) + jen + calv + slinky

calvin tay + cheryl + jed + jen + calv + slinky

low angle: calv + evelyn

high angle: calv + evelyn

jen jen jen + calv

another one...

the monkey + the penguin + the turtle {i foresee a huge storm coming my way...soon!}

food lover joan + calv

evelyn + calvin tay

rames + calv {love ur vector works, keep it up!}

foodlover + avril + jen + smashpop + calv

jolin + ivan + bryanboi~

jen + foodlover + avril

superman joshua + calv + albert + cheryl + yee hou {sry bout the blurry pic}

slinky + shaz + jasiminne {what can i say? we are natural posers}

jen + foodlover {u got me got u on pixels}

chit chating...{sry bout i don't recognise the dude in white shirt? anyone?}

ivan probably talking to bryanboi while smashpop jason looking at 'em. not sure what superman joshua is doing there...and albert stoning.

oh oh, can i have ur number pls~ {jk dude! i think jolin was walking about saving down everyone's url :P}

with yee hou, the man who is responsible for the huge gathering!

shoot like a pro! {photography 101, first u must bend down and shoot like jen!}

jen + bryanboi + evelyn{behind bryan haha}

smashpop + yee hou {testing bryan's DSLR}

i must had said it to myself a gazillion times, joan, ur cam is hot!!! hehe {yes i have fetish for nice design and oh, shoes too!! hehe *hint hint, bday coming...my shoes buka mulut edi...i saw this runner nike airmax damn chun!! but no moolah...sigh *big big hint*}

jasonmumbles + foodlover {dinner at little penang}

albert + ivan + rames

cheryl + albert

thank u jen for the awesome mag!

cheryl & ivan behind albert while asyraf lee the photographer trying to humour us!

jen + evelyn paying much attention.

i'm sry if i don't have any of ur faces in my photos. i was busy eating my very late brunch a.k.a whooper! when everyone decided to do some camwhoring~

finally i'm done with this. so u ppl that has been bugging me to update? UPDATED!! there u go.
...if u happy and u know it clap ur hands *claps claps*...