just got back from shooting the talents for one of booklet/leaflet i'm working on. there's 3 kids age ranging from 5, 7 & 12. one of them is a chinese girl and almost everyone there agreed that she is really pretty for a pure chinese. she's only 7 year old and has the look of an eurasian. aww...i forgot to bring along my camera. otherwise, i can upload n show u guys.
the point of this entry is...i am not too sure where i'm going about. i'm just amazed how a 7 year old kid can have so much energy, bubbly and so so charming. i'm pretty sure she must have made big bucks since she graces the face of tvc, prints etc...from a tender young age. i wish i have a multi-talent daughter just like her. lolz according to her mum, the elder sis looks like a jap *dang* hahhaaha :P

a big *hoorah* to her for being easy to work with compared to the younger talent. the younger talent was throwing some tantrum at us at the shoot. and one of make up artist has to convince her and *pujuk* her till she felt like smiling in front of the camera. i tell u...kids talent are not easy to work with. *dilemma*

anyways, being there art directing is fun...it looks as if there's not much of work but its tiring too at the same time. the end result is rewarding i must say.

while u are here, check out 300!


i get sleepless, sometimes.
my heart beats faster, sometimes.
felt like it stops too, sometimes.
the rush of happiness through my veins, sometimes.
i get wary, sometimes.
the thoughts of giving up, sometimes.
overwhelmed by the tiniest response, sometimes.
being silly, sometimes.
suddenly everything matters at heart, sometimes.
the notion of being infatuated again, sometimes.

its never easy

why do i have to put up with all these shits?
am i less inferior to u?
wish the world is less of haters.
i don't want a war nor revolution.
all i want is a peace of mind,
thats all.


i must say the weekend was random and fabulous!
was on the phone with my homeboi and out of the blue we just agreed on a road trip down to melaka! damn random!
it rained so heavily on our way there and it rained like mad on the way back the following day. gahh...ivan, u jinx...ahhahaha...
much thanks to jason for lending a place crash for the night and a shout out for all the good food as well as good times!

more photos here*

edited: melaka very own kung fu master! woot


oh my...rofl hahahahhahahaha - watch this

picture from dan gordan's site
he is after all one of my source of inspiration.
non other than the man himself, joshua davis.
met him once at idn singapore back in 2003. i din know who he was back then but i did take a photo with him {which is stored somewhere on my hard disk in my hometown} :P :P :P the only piece of faded memory of yesteryears. in many ways, he reminded me of my perth's lecturer blair, who taught me the art directions of advertising and i will always be grateful to him. {for the endless scolding that made me a better man & person}
i conclude with an interview with mr. davis from dan gordan's site - click*


mcd drive-thru 101

read the menu on the side before ordering. so u won't end up like me. a supper turn into a spicy & hot episode. wanted a cheese burger but ended up ordering mcdeluxe. got my tongue and ass burnt only {cos i'm a spicy-intolerance person} -___________-!!!



currently: having flu :P

hope there's no ot tonight. yes, flu due to late nights at work and yay to no gastric! bah! *fingers crossed*
was messing around some time ago with adobe illustrator cs, and i sort of create a new header for the sake of fun.
so yeah, a new header for 2007.
sometimes i question myself why i keep doing the things i do. is it because i have no other options or is it because i chose to. wonder how long i can survive in advertising with late nights, low pays and the uncertainty awaiting at every corner. i love the things i do but will it be enough? {for long-term} *will it ever be enough?*

btw, there's a blog meet coming up! contact dr. tan for further details!

p/s: thanks chris for helping out with the coding :)


thou should not dismiss thy bed

have been slaving at work for the past few days. haven't really slept much. when u think u can punch the card and go home, the other end is calling for u to stay, overtime baby, overtime! ot nvm but no pay one...jiat lat! sigh work like dog also like that. lucky ppl gets to go home and be with their wife or gf while i'm working my ass in the stuffy office for what? no money and no fame also...sad case man...
oh well, this is advertising for u. low pay, no life, no ot money, low profile. lolz i guess some ppl like me just do it for the love of ads. fuhs {cough, ya rite...}
the lack of sleep had me having bit of gastric and migraine. this is bad. i think i've been neglecting my good ol' stomach, body, mind and soul.
weekend is near so wish me luck and pls pls pls no more ot...i'm dying...of lack of rest and sleep.

xx peace out yo xx


a new beginning of an end

i wish 2007 will be a good start for everyone as i wish the same for myself.
may 2007 brings u peace, wealth, health and most of all, happiness!