feeling a bit pek chek (moody) now cos had a stupid accident while surfing at cherating today.

injury: back fin was slightly "bitten off", repair money to this hungarian dude whose board had a slight cut at the side who thinks he's good at surfing but judging from the way he surfs, he's nothing mere than a beginner like myself. oh well, better luck next time.

so not my day. pffs


surf's up

last weekend, i was in cherating for the billabong occy grom comp.
it was an interesting experience and exposure as i witnessed local boys compete for the top.
i can honestly say that it will probably takes me years or more to be good at surfing cos watching them doing those tricks and manoeuver in the water is just breathtaking.
i wish i was good at surfing and skateboarding as good as i am in snowboarding but sadly i'm not.
well, everything takes times no?

surfers enjoying the afternoon of sun and fun.

the sandy bottomless beach. it's hard not to not like it.
i will be back for more.

p/s: looking for surfing buddies (preferably kl or pj), whether u r beginner or pro, and interested for weekend surfing, do drop me a line or two.



looks like i don't frequent here as often as i do. spent my new year eve at friend's place talking to newly met german friends, eating, drinking and watching fireworks from every imaginable angle possible. had been surfing a bit, still not good at it but will keep on trying. probably hitting cherating tomorrow if my body allows me (still recovering from high fever 2 days ago). life is good. not fantastic. one thing i want or hope to achieve this year is to be more carefree and may be travel or backpack somewhere i always wanted to if the bank allows me that is ; )