it's almost near the big long hol for me. no plans in mind yet except to fly home for my sis's wedding in nov. bangkok is one of the options. may be cherating for the weekend surfing trip? if you are a tight budget kinda of person, where would you be spending your holiday at?


too much on my thoughts now...つかれた!
random search on youtube that leads me to a cute song and cute mv :P



the unforgettable moments with franziska, tobi and kazu.

i'm feeling a lil bit upset about workstuff and at the same time i'm feeling glad i got the confirmation letter but the down side is i cannot throw in the towel for another year. i'm so helpless now i'm thinking and missing the snow so much. was reading someone's comment on fb that mammoth is opening early...are you kidding me...it's only october and they have snow up in the californian mountains? haha...sweet as bro. sweet as! i so wanna ride right now. this very moment. when will my next riding trip be? next august in nz? next december in jp? i can only dream about it. guess this craving for snow and riding ain't gonna quit on me so easy. i kinda miss my jappy friends. those good ol' days when we just fall asleep like a baby every single night after the riding because we were so tired from one whole day of fun and riding in the snow.

my very first snowboarding attempt, circa june 08.

mt hutt, circa august 08.

riding rakaia saddle with tobi (left), kazu (right), ryoko and yukiko, circa august 08.

nihongo no shiken results will be out tomorrow and certificates will be given to students who pass the exam. wish me best of luck.

*updated: i didn't expect to pass the exam with flying colours. i got 99%! i was quite shocked actually but best of all, our sensei was very happy for us and she said we were very good students cos we studied very hard ; )