when snowflakes fall i wish u love

i found my wallet!! yay!! got a called from my friend whom helped me shifted the other day. apparently, my wallet was trapped at the corner of my friend's car boot. the downside is that i had to pay extra RM12 for a new ATM card that i reported lost few days ago :(
has been working OT almost everyday since 2 weeks ago.
the lack of sleep/rest is killing me...
the lack of love is drifting me away from my insanity.
the lack of time for myself is making me quite a miserable person.
the lack of pay ain't making my life easier.
cryst, don't close my blog la...u have better pay, u go home early and get to shop. u ain't living in hell like me -_____-
what i need now is a quick holiday getaway! (tho i'm flying back to my hometown in mid june)
i have met all my housemates but yet to speak to one of them. hmm...so far so good. my room is cooling at night. mosquitoes counts are much much less!! which is a plus for me!
its has been a bizarre month and definitely not the best month for me.
lisa ono is my new found love :) :) :)


watch this, its really funny!

The Landlord
Pearl is such a cutie pie = )
i finally moved out. no internet atm. didn't sleep well last night. not that its not cozy, but i guess its bcos of the "first time" thingie at a new place and environment. the three fingers on my right hand side are fcked up due heavy duty shifting. i didn't even realise my middle finger were bleeding. haha...that aside, i freaking lost my wallet in between shifting house. how careless can i get. don't ask me how? i don't know where i've lost it :/ i've checked every possible place that i might left it. damn pek chek now. logged police report this morning and had my bank transaction stopped.
damn moody now...no IC, no driving license, no ATM card...i feel like a refugee a.k.a. illegal immigrant. it doesn't help knowing u can fly out of the country cos u ain't have an IC. not even passport can help u? wtf is this? -_______-''
...its called shifting house (bad) luck.


i've been severely caught up with work i don't remember to stop and breathe.
i just wanna breathe again.

when was the last time u give pick up the phone and call your love ones?
its never too late now.


i missed u ah ma

I dreamt about my granny the other night. In my dream, we were talking about life and this is the only part I recalled. She said, "Money is really hard to earn". And right after that, my mobile phone alarm rang and it was morning already. I remembered when I was younger and we don't really talk much but deep down, I love my ah ma for she always protected and loved me like her baby angel without wings. She is always humble and gawd she swears a lot and she's so funny. Hence, the disapproval from mum cos those teochiew foul languages might corrupt our minds (little does mum knows that I've been long influenced even before granny started swearing...lol). I'm a bad example. So don't follow! haha =P Often times, I wish I can show you girlfriends I had over the years cos we never had the chance to do that. Wanting your opinions and what u might think of my selection of girls/love.
"...face to palm,
tear to tear.
mouth to tongue,
heart to ground,
heart to ground.
say I am in love,
say heart to ground.
oh well may be baby I am in love..." - this has nothing to do with ah ma, I'm just being random...lolz
Its a tad sad you left us too soon. I hope you are well wherever you are. I hope u watch over me closely to your heart cos i often think of you ah ma. I still need your guidance. And may be in my dreams we should meet again soon.
Love love,
your fave grandson = )


Oh My


Ooh la la...A quick weekend getaway awaits me!
A must go on my list of traveling.
Whose interested? An open invitation for "girl(s) only" lolz hahahaha =P


UV Nation

Hmm, I think I should be going for UV Nation since emo momo already help purchased the presale ticket. Much thanks to Ryan for getting it for me. But you know me, I might not go last minute. Hmmm...wokay *hold that thought* hehe...I said I might...lolz :P


Guess what? While driving around in SS2 looking for a parking space to yum char at Murni, these group of youngsters in yellow shirts stood by the roadside waved at my friend and I in the car as if we were some celebrities and shouted Fu-yooooh!~ being the naughty me, i waved back at 'em macam celeb lolz WTF buahahaha...
this must be the gimmick of Digi...dayaaam....for a moment, i felt like the king of the world! lolz =P


sleeping to dream

Sleeping to dream about you
I'm so damn tired of having to live without you
(but I don't mind)
So I'm sleeping to dream about you and I'm so tired

(It's just a little a lullaby to keep myself from crying myself to sleep at night.)


the talented mr. joshua davis

these are some of his latest works: u can check out his blog here!
his official site is joshuadavis.com


the narcissist side of me

u know u had a bob cut when the hair stylist told u...

and i only asked for the sides to be short. lolz

i sing out loud in my car all the time

love, life's sweetest reward.
its an open road.
hey love, exciting and new.
come aboard,
we're expecting you.
on the love boat.
soon will be making another run,
on the love boat.


every one of these vids makes me happy = )

currently listening to sleep all day - jason mraz = ) know why? cos its my happy song! lolz nuff said.
oh, and i find this french singer (vanessa paradis) voice cute + sexy lol hehe

its not the end of the world

fast forwarded, i've been snapped back to reality today. what i fear most happened. it was a cruel way of telling me hey, get back to reality! let go of the past, grab hold of yourself. sadly, no matter how, i still hate that feeling of seeing and feeling the situation. its like being sucked into deep space.

thank goodness i wasn't left alone to face the situation. sometimes i do think close friend keep us safe at bay. *heart heart* :P teman my friend shop for her wedding gown...walked till kaki wanna break...lolz damn sleepy also la...emo emo everyday also sien. lol no thanks to the day before cos client was rushing to send the stuff to the printer. lack of sleep & rest. one more day to go and no more holiday! -_____- felt like i didn't even get my hols at all dot dot dot

ok la...was suppose to wish everyday a happy Holiday yesterday but my internet connection died on me... hehe so Happy Holidaying peeps!