today is officially my last day at work. went to meet up with my high school mates yesterday & had our dinner at tgi friday.
it was good to see one of the classmate
whom i haven't seen for 8 years. he just returned from germany and u know what? he still look pretty much the same, like he hasn't age much. i think working ppl age faster than normal ppl. oh well, u can't have everything can u? i've been alrite. had a blast last weekend, though the rave ended too soon, it was the after rave party that was so onzz!! swimming in wee early morning and just kinda forget about bz city life and chill with my mates. thanks guys! {too bad i missed david tao's concert but sometimes, i choose being happy then being wanting something so badly...ok nvm...i'm talking too loud in my head}

now, i'll probably have heaps of time to kill & edit some photos to fill in the much needed space here...lolz

everyday, i look to a new beginning, a new me. ain't nobody gonna hold me down!

k la, time to leave the office, i guess i'll be blogging more often now {or less?} hehe, ciao neh.

edited: thanks joe for the dinner, i wish everyone at the agency best of luck & future undertaking. do take care guys! thx for the good time :)


its about time

i woke up this morning feeling good. u can say i woke up on the brighter side of the bed. i haven't felt this way as long as i can remember. after last night realisation, u might be right at some points. but u know what? i don't need u to run my life. i'm happy at where i am. i know what exactly i'm doing with my life. u can never be happy for me, then just too bad. have u ever thought that there's nothing wrong with me, perhaps its u?

so here's an open discussion/question to the ladies, what do u look for in a guy? and does having a super career with big cash to boost has anything to do with love? love for money or the person? i do realise with money and power, women are attracted to it. but what i am questioning here is can u love a guy who has a decent job, not necessary with a lot of money to boost but enough to spend. he has a decent family who loves him and very supportive of whatever he does. he might not have the latest bmw 5 series but an old toyota to go around town. he has a condo in progress. he might not be tall but he's sensitive and care for other ppl's feeling. can u? *i think some ppl want it all uh?


always a part of me

how do u deal with the feeling when it never fades away. the kind that re-ignite even after so long of rainny season and icey cold winter. the kind that sucks so hard it hits u at the back of your mind unconsciously. *sigh*
being alone is unbearable. its not helping when u had to come home to an empty room.
to think of where and what to have for dinner every single day except those days when u'r out with your buddies or friends.
deep down, i know i will always love her or even more even though she pisses me off almost every single time.
we both had our love & hate moments.
i guess she moved on pretty well.
i have to start living a life. with or without her by my side.
i guess our lovely days are gone now. the only thing she left for me is a scared memory of our past.
what matters now is i need to live for myself again.
i can't bury the memories even if i try cos it always somehow resurface when i least expected.
i guess there's only one way. to embrace it with open arms. with open heart. {i tried b4 but i failed to...jia yu jia yu! i must!}
no matter what the future brings, i wish u well. always.

i wish both of us well.


she-ma-boo-koo-row attack!

was reading one of friend's blog and she mentioned about jake shimabukuro, a japanese american hawaiian who plays the ukelele. his super fast fingers on the ukelele is really awesome! anyways, check out the video to have a clue bout what i'm talking about.

u can also visit his website at www.jakeshimabukuro.com


happy holidays

i guess most of us are packing up to go back hometown, some may be already on the way. whatever the ocassion is, its a long holiday. i'll be working on monday. *shrugs*
anyways, just wanna extend my warmest wishes to everyone who celebrates deepavali & raya!

happy holiday ppl!


capoeira anyone?

youtube has been such a friend at work. the only form of entertainment when the bosses are not around lolz

i think its cooler than break dance! lets capoeira! :P


street art - rinpa style

i thought my blog has been very picture-less lately so i'm gonna share some cool stuffs i saw on youtube today!

u can try to search other rinpa related videos in youtube!



in a world of misconception

i've been jinxed! internet at home has been down since friday. so u can only imagine how miserable i am without internet. its back on again today (saturday evening) thank heaven! i felt so *DISCONNECTED from the world. seriously, i mean, for me, i can't imagine my life without the internet now. checking important emails, updates from friends in forms of msn, blogs so forth...its so fast and easy. without the net, i feel so power-less.
anyways, i've been bonding with my dad since he's here on friday till now. we don't talk much but i guess its cool. i can feel him ageing. i felt like i should go back after few years later to perform my duty as a son. sis might have to marry to her bf one day which leads me, the only son, more responsibilities come with a big price tag.
i don't hate kl but...sometimes, i wish to go back to simple things and do simple things in life. simple kind of life. a gf i can just chill, get married, have childrens of my own and live old enough to see my grand childrens.
i don't know what i want with my life now. i mean. i always wanted to be an art director or a creative director but how soon? not many ppl can win awards and go into bigass agency just like that ya know. some with help from others, others struggle to be on the top on their own! i feel like i have no directions. i wish i can have a clearer picture of what i want. then to pursue it without any hesitations.
sometimes, i question myself, why i don't let ppl in my life so easily. well bcos i have in my past and they disappointed me big time. i can't just let anyone in so easily now. i'm protective of myself. maybe why i tend to shine away in most cases. i think many of u think of me as a social freak but i'm not. i don't know how to approach ppl. i'm loud but shy in some ways. ivan said i'm shy bcos i choose whom i want to be shy with. maybe but thats who i am.
sometimes i care too much what other ppl think or how they feel till the point i took myself for granted. i shouldn't. everything must have a limitation. no?


chup! time out

no more vacation getaway for me this long weekend considering raya is around the corner cos i just blardy remember dad is visiting me {reason here also to fix my car}. not that its a bad thing but really bad timing lo. i can sure use this time to go free my mind, lepak & see my close friends in singapore whom i missed heaps and hang out, chill, or whatever.
talk about bad timing uh.
sometimes i think to myself, would it be different if i never come back. stayed and worked in aussie. maybe, it would. i guess for everything that we do/decide in life, there's always a price to pay. but that is totally another story altogether.
this time of the year, i sure miss the cold weather in perth. i remembered i would tugged myself in bed with the super thick comforter :P hehe those were the uni days man! sure hell missed those time. the only time i would sleep in till 4-5pm. i don't do that in malaysia. i guess natural cold make me hybernate like a bear. eating gelato {italian ice cream} in the cold while waiting to go clubbing near midnight :P learning surfing in the cold water of trigg beach.

talk about winter, i even play basketball in the cold. my ex flatmate kristin thinks i'm crazy! :P hahaha but its nice to ball in the cold {cos its an outdoor bball court near canning college} and u don't really sweat much. how cool is that?
i guess what i like most about winter is doing stuffs that i never tried or experience before.
life always about choices uh. can i not choose? lolz

ok la...i'm crapping. time to sleep! jal ja :)

*edit: i got raya hol mixed up. its another week to come. means my hol is still on! woot hahahah...i'm so blur ahhahaha *slap forehead*


i beg to differ

can money sustain a long run relationship? i am questioning the issue of money/looks vs good character/personality. maybe just on the the surface? i call them emotional goods. these temporary products of emotions, will it last? deep down we still question ourselves whether these things really matter.
we question ourselves whether our other halves treasure us for the outer part of us that *maybe* attracts them in the first place but do they really love us or just the outer layer. i am questioning whether a person actually chose us base on our outer beauty only? how many of u actually see beyond that? i for one admit is a shallow person cos i love seeing what i see and thus attracted to that superficial/temporary beauty. but how long does it takes until we figure out that inner beauty plays a part too? will u want to date/marry a person with a to-kill-supermodel-look but fugly personality?
can one really see through that layer?
i know money buy financial burden. it buys u meals, dates, movies...etc. but can it buy the person's heart? of course it will come in handy if its a whole package. but not everyone is born tht way. some ppl live a decent life and work hard all their life but still not able to drive a ferrari but i'm sure they are happy with what they have. not asking anyone to compare here. what i'm saying is, can u love a person for him/her without the dollar signs on their face?
who is willing to live a simple life? to be happy and not see everything else as money?

i'm a true believer that money can't buy love. well, at least not in my world.


who said money can't buy happiness (temporary) hehe

sat 07.10.06 >

bumped into elaine my college & uni ex classmate while crossing the street at starhill today. the thing is i din know its her in the car. after a while, i got a call from the lass asking if i was around the area. lolz all i can say is i'm really bad with recognising ppl. i always get the ppl wrong! haha.
anyways, i cheered myself up by cutting my hair and have it highlighted! front and back. the back...its erm....funky...u need to see it in person :P cos i tried to snap photos
of it but it din turn out nice.

wet look

dry look {too bad the highlight doesn't look so obvious in the pic}

i know...vain. hhehe so what? :P

happy sunday!


happy mooncake festival!

well, i'm at home alone. thinking what to do tonight. being alone doesn't help much. dad was on the phone with me again, funny thing is he thinks the ex is still with me. even told me to ask her to teman me fix my car's air cond. but i forgive him cos he can be very blur at times. i guess mum must have given him the wrong info cos she misinterpreted the situation. nvm...i'm hoping midnight movie might cheer me up a bit.
thanks to those that might be concern about me. i'm fine. i just love to emo myself. nothing too serious. don't worry.

anyways, i've been emo so much i can't recognize myself in the mirror more no.

nevertheless, i wish everyone a happy mooncake festival yo!


i feel hollow,
i am hollow.
i feel empty,
i am empty.


life has been *lost for words* for me. i haven't been myself a lot lately. mostly because of what i have to deal with at work, ppl and life itself. i have a prob of not wanting ppl to cross that fine line. i like to keep it to myself or whom i'm comfortable with. a friend told me i shouldn't be so selective. one fine example, i chose whom i'm comfortable with, to hang out and so forth. is it wrong to be selective? is it wrong that most of my friends are mostly good looking and pretty? note: having that said, not all my friends are supermodels nor hotties! i'm sure everyone of u have a personal preference to whom u may want to hang out with and be seen with. no? then again, call me shallow but pls pls tell me who do not want to be associated with beautiful things and ppl.
my point is, i like my own space, just not finding any of that time to myself lately and always come home tiring. i need my own space!! *for now*
anyways, my migraine is hitting me back! must be the weather and lack of sleep.

p/s: drink more water ppl!
sometimes, for that millions of people, reasons & possibilities, all we need is just that one person.
what if love is not enough?