i miss u dot com

{if u r wondering why the dot com? cos i kena virus by the fairy and penguin}


dinner @ OUG

i realised my blog has become a food blog...arrg....this is so not happening! but then again, thats what i do most of the time. finding nice place or places that ppl intro and go try out the food.

last night sun and i headed to OUG to try out the curry chicken mee and seafood mai fan.

the shop that sells curry chicken mee.

the tau fu fa vendor.

pandan flavoured tau fu fa.

btw, i'm be shifting house this weekend and i'll be on 'offline' mode till they install the internet at the new place. for the party ppl, party hard! to the sickies, get well soon! to the lovers, happy pak toh-ing! to the lonely, stop jerking off the porns! go out n have some fun ppl! its the weekend!! happy weekend ppl!


drink . snooker . supper

continuation from the previous post - last fri yumchar@capri {in bukit jalil area}, snooker and beef noodles behind jalan alor. the plan was to meet up with kah hung {my uni mate from perth}, sun's ex-college mate. all taken using sun's digicam. i like mine better {cos the colors are a bit faded n dark and i know u can do shits with photoshop but im just ass lazy}

we headed to this cafe near kah hung's condo called capri. the food items they have there is a blend of secret recipes and kim gary.

{all the photos at capri was taken by sun}

me browsing through the menu...

fellow patrons...

erm...cake??....ok i don't know what cake this is...

the photo already had a 'caption' :)

so it this one...

i have no idea what this is...

chinese pancake

there's a reason why we didn't take much photos at this particular cafe {bcos the lady owner warned sun several times asking him to stop snapping photos...i mean, the food is ok ok only and not even up to KTZ's standard...} notice the CAPS?...but i do understand some ppl don't want others to copy their food and menu or anything on that shop. its like an breach of privacy...{it is..but we bloggers are just anal and ignorant...SHARING IS CARING mar~}

next stop, snooker!

kah hung, going for the shot!

sun aiming at the yellow ball.

low angle shot...

random shot...

i can't play for nuts...

was craving for food again after sending kah hung home...so we went down to kl, the street behind jalan alor. they have this fabulous beef noodles which open till late. or is it 24 hours? not sure tho. anyways, there's one more u should go try. its the shop beside petaling street and opposite kotaraya...those who tried should know where it is. i miss kuching gubak mee gawddamn much!!....nothing beats kuching's open air gubak mee {which translate to beef noodles}! i wonder if anyone blog about that before...probably someone did...moving along...

the sambal sauce...for beef noodles

meat bolassss....

close up and personal...hehe





duck rice@pj state + halo cafe

its been a while since i last met valz, which was probably during the recent CNY. aww...was surprised when she asked me to meet up and its all good. i haven't seen her for a while and i get to meet her other friends. one of them blog too!

before meeting up with her. i had dinner with sun. he was craving for the famous 'ngak yuk fan' at pj state! so we went. we order half a duck, intestines and on
e 'lou' egg.

after dinner, we headed to kl to pick up su
n's credit card from the post office. that ass lost his credit card somehow. not sure how he did. anyways, i was so tired i slept in the car at the way back from kl to pj. that dude wanna change so we went back to his house. he got changed, i was napping away in the sofa. and he said i snored heaps...{come on, gimme a break, i hardly sleep much...i do snore when i'm freaking tiring} after 30 mins of napping, i got up and saw the sms on the phone which went like this: "i am bringing two friends.hehe".... ok, so she's bringing two friends...then i read the other sms, "okay, bringing 3 friends. lol.".... i got vained, and i asked sun to send me home to change cos earlier on i told valentina {i like to call her valz} tht i was in shorts n told her not to over dressed...lol

round 1


round 2

halo cafe @ sunway pyramid

valz's drink

fish and chips, valz's dinner

ky + valz

da dah~ finish liao~

sun's erm...supper?

horng, carol, ky & valentina.

calv the monkey

look! who is behind the glass...

french fries anyone?

valz asked me this riddle at the meeting...

one day, a hunter went to for hunting. he shot one tiger. the tiger's body parts has been divided. the head, the body and the tail. the hunter took away the body and tail. guess who took the head? {no prize for whoever got it right}