i made a mistake at the price ticket. it's actually $360++ after airport tax. it's quite reasonable price but i'm paying by credit card which brings me to the next thought, that i have to convert it to ringgit as i'm paying using malaysian visa card. crap...it's near to 1k... plus i already owe too much money now. not very wise now uh...
i heard the apple packing is going to end in another 2 weeks. since i won't be going to sydney anymore, i probably will head down to christchurch again to get my gears (snowboarding equipments) before heading to meet my friend in Methven, the nearest town to Mt Hutt (snowboarding heaven!) more spendings required! : ( but i only get to do it once in a lifetime...
money, i don't want to be bothered by that but it's always the agenda. sadly.

anyhow...the saying, life goes on aight!

sunset at Tahuna Beach, Nelson.
5 mins walk from the holiday park i'm staying now.


sydney or not...that's the question in my head. i really want to go. that was my initial plan before i came here. had to cancel that trip due to expensicve air ticket. pacific blue is having a promo now. christchurch - sydney for less than $243 NZD. sometimes i think too much i can't make up my mind. tacky huh. hate it.
i will get back to that soon. maybe after dinner...u know how cheap flights always get booked up fast!
6 months in nz is way too short to really breathe the air and feel what's it like to be alive and backpacking in another land. i might want to extend this trip longer...if possibe. but in my mind, there is there possibility of wanting to go UK or Japan next year. gawd...this is not fair...wish i can have more time and money on my hand. i still have credit cards and debts to pay for this trip here. *sob*
there is also the thoughts of uncertainties sometimes clouding my judgement. i wish i can be carefree enough not to worry about life. the thoughts of going back. the thoughts of ppl who expecting me to be home when it is time. "when am i going back"? that is the question i get asked so very often. i wish i don't have to go back :P cos i'm really in love with this laziness and country. the kiwis are so friendly and helpful. never had i experienced this warmness in any country before.
anyhow, i still have about another 3 months to go. it's a short time compared to other backpackers who will stay in nz for a year! but i'm counting my blessings. i will be home when it is time. worry not. i should be home. to the land i love and hate so much one day. soon.


hey u... i'm still pretty much alive and kicking here! working my ass off at the apple pack house at the moment. just too tired to blog when i come home from work. it's just too tiring.
life in nz is good. it helps me take my weights off certain things.
in other words u can say that i'm running away from reality. but what is life if we can't choose to live the way we want.
i really think that life is too short to be doubting.
i never regret coming here. this trip. this backpacking experience really make me more daring in certain things i never thought i could.
sometimes i do miss home. family and friends. food back home...
but i really love it here. the air, the stars at nights...and i can even see milky way at certain places in nz, especially Lake Tekapo...here in Nelson too! : )
i met up with a lot of old friends i haven't seen for ages. it's funny we never make enough effort to meet up with friends whom live close to us. and out of the blue, u go and travel half way around the globe just to meet up with them!

apple packing...hmm....i'm working for ENZA...yeap, the apple u buy from supermarket or pasar malam...
it's a pretty easy job. our job is to select the good apples and throw away rotten, bruise, punctured ones...well u get the point!
now i can scan and pick 1 apple in less than 1 sec...hahaha we pack them in boxes...exporting them to other places as well as locally. it's a busy job because sometimes some ppl are so slow we ended up doing double tripple job...the apples keep on coming in rows...and it never stop...so we are always busy standing in lines...and pick and pack into tray and then place in boxes...it's a boring job but it pays for my food, accommodation and my backpacking expenses!
if u are asking why i never upload any photos here is because 1) i'm too lazy. 2) lazy....ahahahha sorry...just too lazy. maybe i will when i'm really free.
i'm almost done travelling in nz. the next thing i want to do is snowboarding, up on the mountain in winter! can't wait... my only concern now is whether i should get a proper job which allows me to have a work permit so i can stay here longer or book the next flight home after i'm done with travelling? so much to think but i hardly think about it properly.

i met a lot of girls on this trip. i have come to realize backpackers such as me are very carefree ppl. but there are also some whom are still very in touch with reality. the wants and needs of a modern stereotype based on society's perception. not that i have come to any conclusion but that most girls/women from asian countries that i met here still prefer a man with well/proper background. in this case my amigo, its $$$. i'm not saying that money is the least of concern in relatiionship but the very fundamental in all beings. lets face it, without money, i can't come on this "long vacation" in nz no? oh well...i'm not looking for love now but if it finds me i'm glad.

just embracing my life now as it is. on the way back from work, i always try to steal some moments out the window and look up into the sky...it's just so beautiful here at night...sky filled with stars...