searching for love in the wrong place. period

now that i have internet access from home. i'm so freaking lazy to update anymore. no, i'm not on hiatus, i'm just freaking lazy. my daily routine involves getting up, do my laundry. wash up and do brunch. come home get online and talk kok with whoever is on msn. LOL damn mou liu right?? hahaha thinking to get a part time job. but i heard even waitressing here sucks big time. RM2 per hour. that's cheap labour man! not even enough for petrol and meals.

pls tell me how i'm gonna survive this 2 months here. i need cash!!! LOL :P :P


night view of Hong Kong island by the harbour.

honestly, i've been seeking hi and low for places with wifi services in town. even tried few places up. some was alright, some, i couldn't even connect and worst case was, it didn't want to load any page at all. oh, i'm back in my hometown that is. LOL konon la the family can access the net from their work place and there is no need for extra bills at home LOL which left me feeling dry, thirsty and humongous hunger for INTERNET. i kid u not. i can't imagine in the next few months to come, i'll be quite internet-less. anyhoo, i'm down with flu. had fever the other day and still coughing away. haha bad news is i can't talk. when i do, i sound something between darth vader and obi wan. ahahaha i really enjoy my trip to korea. the city is clean but too bad most of the ppl there doesn't speak fluent english. only those in shopping area can speak bits and bits of english. some can speak bits of mandarin. i wonder how. LOL hong kong was a bit disappointing bcos when we got there, the air was really polluted with haze. news has it it was blown from parts of china. the air there was really bad. the ppl aren't as friendly. the funny thing is i met one of my college mate from limkokwing while looking at the map in Mong kok. he's originally from Chen Du, Sze Chuan, China but now working in Shanghai. its really amazing cos he still recognized me after so long. it must been 4-5 years since i left kl to pursue my degree in perth. sitting here alone this is cafe, i felt like my life is going to have a drastic change. i know not what is awaiting me. to be honest, i'm scared to hell. a lot of ppl ponder why i chose this journey. maybe its something i want to do before i change my mind. something i will live to remember and tell. maybe some ppl do not understand why i quit a decent job and go on this journey, which will take place in another 2 months time. i don't understand myself too well but one thing i know is i will not live to regret this moment. this i am very sure.

p/s: my travel mate spot is still up for grabs so email me ya!


Namiseon Island - where the famous Winter Sonata was filmed.

apparently, there was some photography exhibition of Namiseon Island. i like this particular photograph. i thought it was really cute! (i took a photo of the original photo :P )

korean couple

fancy bungalows for rent by the riverbank.

i reckon the best time to see Korea is during spring when the flowers are fully bloomed and you'll be mesmerized by nature's beauty.


finally back in the city that sleeps a lot

the first series of photos from Seoul.
some back alley in Seoul.

maple trees on the street of Seoul. apparently this time of the year, most of the trees in korea is leafless cos of winter.

i like how the structure of tree binds in with the city.

inside Kyongbok Palace.

some back alley again.

Myeong-dong, shopping heaven for girls!.

will upload more photos from Namiseon Island.