i realized i've been smilling sheepishly to myself a lot lately {lucky colleagues caught glimpse of me in the act but they don't know what make me smile out wide}.
i realized sometimes little meaningful things {which might not be significant to others} really make me touched.
i realized that it takes a bit of effort and time to make things work.

this is the kind of feeling i long for and wish for.
i hope it seize to stop {as if time was made to remind us if there is such a thing as time}.

all my life i've been very pessimist and wary just about anything {too much time for me to worry over nothing}.
is it worth the time and effort?
sometimes i do think love is like an investment. {like shares, its so unpredictable}
there is the up n down of the market.
i can't foresee the future but i pray i will meet u soon enough {maybe i won't}.
doesn't matter bcos at the end of the day. i gain knowledge to which properties i should invest and which i shouldn't.

so its all good.

the best part is knowing someone out there is willing to sail through the rough and calm sea together with u no matter what {is comforting and heart warming}.

i hope this only the beginning as i have yet to discover a new land and ocean {that awaits me}.

check this out!

i kid u not. this is like really HUGE....like bigger than BIG MAC huge! was brought in by fellow colleague husin for breakfast. its filled with either chicken or tuna. u can get them at Ampang Point and according to him, its actually russian curry puff cos the seller stayed in Russia before.


the thoughts of u make me smile...


eat ur heart out

got a call at work from big sister {kai jie cindy} yesterday inviting me for sushi dinner. it seems that they have Sushi King's special voucher and whatever we eat will b less 50%! being the very *si chiat {in teochiew which direct translation is 'greedy eater' in english} type, how can i reject the offer though in my head...i'll b spending some bucks there...*wu wu... but i just can't say no to sashimi....oh gawd...pls help this soul!

*some of the items i can't recall the names...so i'll just 'cincai' name 'em k~
deep fried crab meat
udon with terriyaki chicken
fried squids
this is better
california rolls
hot green tea
their version of chicken satay
the ying and yang of sashimi~
sashimi close up!
sin sin yaks too much~ hehe
while waiting for sushi king's card renewing
yes...we were one of the few ppl left at sushi king.


mc breakfast

was feeling hungry this morning at work {though i had one of those instant campbell corn soup before i left home for work}. colleague adeline and val were nice enough to go tapau some food for me and them as pre-lunch. this is what i had:

I swapped coffee/tea for fresh orange juicenot sure what this is for?...it came with the set. but i try some on the toasted buns! sweet

a day to remember

26 of march, 2006. which was yesterday {sunday} is definitely a day to put down in my life's record. for the 1st time in life. this is by far the biggest decision making and i think its worth it. thank u so much mum. my biggest idol in life. u make so much impact in the way i see life and thank u so much for understanding me. i never thought i will get a roof of my own so soon. last 2 days was suppose for me to accompany u but instead u accompany me to make some changes in life. i guess no more happening life from now on. all the hard earned money has to go into consideration and my crib.

i never had the courage to say 'thank u mum' or 'i love u so much' but deep down, i wish i can put these words into actions. i think i shud but in my family, things r not like that. we shower each others with thoughts and gifts. we dont exactly show it out directly. i guess im not the only person who faces this type of family orientation.

mum almost missed her flight yesterday but a good samaritan help my mum check-in just in time and she could even hear the last call for boarding on the speakers. i try to call her few times {but her mobile phone was off} and i predicted that she would miss her flight cos of the timing from PJ to KLIA is rather a distance. double checked with sis to make sure mum gets home. hours later, mum called and she told me bout the flight delayed n the good samaritan at the airport counter. what a relief.

anyways. yesterday nite cuzzie sharon bugs me again for internet n we went dinner at Uptown. initially we agreed on 'Bak Kut Teh' at SS17 but being me {the very much undecided person that i am} i told her lets try something else cos its not Klang's bak kut teh...and i suppose it won't taste as good... and we ended up at Uptown eating 'Chee Cheong Fan'{according to sharon, its really good}. alrite...alrite...it tastes really good haha~ here r some pixies for u to drool~

the boss serving the customers
varieties of yong tau fu
the valley of chee cheong fan
crazy crowds keep pouring in
cuzzie trying to hide her face from the cam
sharon tying her hands on me cam
cuzzie sharon being camera shy

for my heart

Every time I think of you
I get a shot right through
Into a bolt of blue
It's no problem of mine
But it's a problem I find
Living the life that I can't leave behind
There's no sense in telling me
The wisdom of a fool won't set you free
But that's the way that it goes
And it's what nobody knows
And every day my confusion grows
Every time I see you falling
I get down on my knees and pray
I'm waiting for the final moment
You say the words that I can't say
I feel fine and I feel good
I feel like I never should
Whenever I get this way
I just don't know what to say
Why can't we be ourselves like we were yesterday
I'm not sure what this could mean
I don't think you're what you seem
I do admit to myself
That if I hurt someone else
Then I'll never see just what we're meant to be
Every time I see you falling
I get down on my knees and pray
I'm waiting for the final moment
You'll say the words that I can't say
Every time I see you falling
I'll get down on my knees and pray
I'm waiting for the final moment
You'll say the words that I can't say


im not sure wad i did to the template...the sidebar has gone crazy...someone/anyone pls help...S.O.S.



sorry wawa, its a food post again...

had a lovely breakfast thx to valerie my colleague who brought some chicken curry and lou mai fan to work this morning! {im not a big fan of hot n spicy stuffs and lucky for me the curry wasn't that spicy}


post yum char session

last friday, i decided not to go out and hang out at home. chilling and watching telly. i was lazying around the sofa n i swear i dozed off several times. had a call from Thomas earlier on at work. asked me if i wanted to join them for ATB at Sepang. I was still at work around 7 ish. so they gone without me.

after hours in front of the telly {i think the telly was watching me more than im watching it}. went over to my room to see who might msg me in msn or wadsoever....and i saw 11 miss calls on my phone...crap*...pressed n saw the sms Tom sent me. so i decided to call back. Wei Tieng answered the phone and scolded me..."what were u doin? TFK at home is it? why never answer the phone...."

they didnt make it for ATB cos some frens of them decided to bail out last minute. went to join them for a yum char session at Friendster Cafe at Damansara. Phoebe was there for the 1st time after so many months of MIA. she just moved to stay in damansara recently. catch up a bit here and there. enough "boring" stuff....the photos im gonna post is gonna excite wei tieng....kekekek....wei tieng...urs also not bad mar...can fight with "two jugs" kakakak!


umbrella anyone?

it was pouring again yesterday nite. hafta accompany Sun to pick up a parcel from Pos Laju at KL Central. i hate rainny days..it makes me blue...like really blue. thus my mind went playing in the rain again. must b the sappy background music in the car and it brings back past sweet memories. i suddenly wish she was here with me. like yesterday. but then again. damn the rains and the slow songs that they r playing on the radio...i felt bad cos i wasn't really listening to what Sun was saying in the car cos my mind distant away.

hang kai kai:
after picking up the parcel *which appears to b Sun's newly applied mastercard that he did not apply for. he initially applied for visa card. not too sure why he din get wad he asked for. anyways, lppl. both of us was a bit hungry so we headed to Petaling Street. strolling down the aisle of imitation goods along Petaling Street {better known as 'chi cheong kai' to the local chinese} sure flash back the good old days. the air mata kucing is not to be missed!
i actually pity the foreigners cos some of them whom r not sure bout the bargaining part {where discounts r endless...} but bet some of them dont know this fact.

Sun has his eyes on one of 'em sneaker and he asked the 'tauke' for the lowest price. guess what the boss answered back? "different shoes, different material means different prices...how much u want? u give a price...." little does Sun knows...he asked him for the lowest price he can give and the boss said around 60-70 sth.... hmm...60-70 sth for an imitation nike or adidas? i thought is was ripped off. we walked off as if the boss cares...cos he knows we were jus assing around and aint buying...

walked to the other end of the street where usually ppl will stop by for late nite supper usually after clubbing...the nite was cold n wet. my white thong {as in flip flop...what were u thinking} was already grey + black by the time we reached the shop for food.

pixies for the goodies:


tiesto aftermath

im feeling lazy, worned out, legs pain, but above all total satisfaction for the 1st time. u wont believe it if i tell u im still in cloud 9. tiesto was really awesome! superficially awesome!!! those who went shud feel the same. i guess the only upset of the nite was not being able to meet up with frens whom i really wanted to see. let alone the tiring walk-around the park looking for familiar faces...this is one hell of a rave i will remember for the rest of my life. i'm still feeling hype now...still 'floating' in the air and hallusinating to Tiesto's Traffic (the closing song of the nite)! which by all means is Terrific!!!

here r pix taken from crisci's cam
for more photos, click here!

a clip of me shuffling at the car park...


tonite is 'D' nite!!!

u beta b good tiesto! =)


spicy food is a no no

2 days ago, went to watch The Pink Pather {its a stupid but funny movie, do have a go! plus there is no Pink Panther in the movie though its named that way}. after the movie, my fren Sun and i were pretty hungry and we tried this place at Wangsa Maju called Chui Sui Station. was really hungry so we ordered food. Sun ordered 'some' porridge {cos i wasn't paying attention} and i ordered this spaghetti with fish filet in it topped with cheese.

but the thing is...the f**king spaghetti was so *toot* blardy spicy {i for one cant take spicy food, literally} this is d 1st time i encountered a freaking spaghetti with spicy tomato, no chilly sauce...have u taste any spaghetti with chilly sauce???

have they gone mad? *I'VE BEEN WARNED!!


small talks: i bumped into linus, (my neighbour since childhood) after watching The Shaggy Dog at One U jus now. he's an indie filmmaker. for those of u whom watched Sepet, u might recognize him as ah kiong. if u like to read more, check out his blog here. i wish him well. am really glad seeing kuchingians making a wave in the film industry lately. especially jack wung, do check them out. good luck to all.

feeling emo

i miss hugging u
i miss u making those stupid silly faces
i miss u being yourself in front of me
i miss telling u i would still b here for u no matter what happen
but things r never the same again

turn back time
i wish i could
but will it end up the same way again
only little that i know
i still miss u till this day
emotional toy i am for u
will u ever learn

only time will tell
only time will heal
u were the best kept memory during my misery
i pray for thee
safe and sound
may one day see u in happiness
from afar
is all i wish for now


meeting up with old flatmate

i know its my fault...cos always say yum char....but never really take the initiative to plan. haha...ok...finally met up and catch up a bit here n there (or at least i think).

here r the pix...

nice street art on the wall at One U...can't remember which floor though...

feeding the koi...it was some 'feed-the-fish' campaign goin on there...

and more koi...

while waiting for the royal highness kristin chong!

every picture tells a story.

can u see the similarity in this pic? hehe

kristin is my lovely flatmate when i was doing my 1 year degree in perth. the last time i meet up with her was so many months ago...she seems so happy chatting away in this pic ; )

paparazzi at work

poser #1

poser #2

bryant, laughing to himself...ehhe

fried ostrich hor fun

dunno 'hamik lai eh'

fried seafood noodles with cheese (definitely a must-eat at Chatterbox if u r super hungry cos it comes in a large portion. the pic doesn't do any justice. plus the cheesy soup base is yummy!)

with d michelin dude!

more pix here!

yin yang?

this is pretty much like the one i posted some time ago. stir fried beef with deep fried patotoes with beijing cabbage for dinner.

u know what...i think my ulcer have gotten worst after this meal. currently fighting my ulcer pain...i planted some salt under my tongue (thats where d pain comes from) and in less than 1 second...the unbearable pain strikes... like hell...can feel tears coming out of my eyes and all the pain can only b let out stomping my legs on the blardy kitchen floor... yeah, so much for salt. I know, 'watermelon powder' rite? but i dont have that with me now... later on only to find out that i can just use another method to ease the pain...by guggling salt + water...but what do i care...i want fast result and so i chose the much painful way. blah!~